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A Bowl of Asparagus Soup

8:27:2013 fairy doors of ypsilanti (5 of 16)-50 percent

A bowl of asparagus soup taught me a powerful lesson. I vowed to say thank you” with every spoonful of soup. Time slowed down. I tasted the herald of spring found in asparagus spears. A bowl of asparagus soup taught me how much I have in this life, right now.

A bowl of asparagus soup taught me the value of bringing the full force of my mind and body to each spoonful.

As I left Babo, I continued the thank yous I began with a bowl of asparagus soup. With each step I said, thank you.” Then to each person I saw, I said, thank you.”

Within minutes I found my eyes tearing up, such was the beauty of being present in those moments.

Thank you.

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