Jay Sennett |||

Ann Arbor: Architectural Elements

One of the things I learned to do when I lived in Los Angeles was to look up. The Sierra Nevada mountains and surrounding foothills provided a dramatic backdrop against the rather flat city.

We have no mountains to speak of here in the midwest (garbage hills might count in a few years), but even in this tiny hamlet of Ann Arbor looking up and around provides a vista of architectural and sculptural elements. I discovered the Colliers International tiled garden just the other. How many times have I walked by that building and that box garden? Countless times for sure. But yet by using the eyes of a beginner - a gift available to me any time of day or night - I am rewarded with these beautiful human efforts.

This is the beauty of beina a flaneur: strolling with no particular goal nor aim but simply to see what might be seen.

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