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  1. I try to have intentional momenst of that also, actually, i have a dumb phone so i’m only bothered with calls and texts at any time, never FB or Twitter or other social media. But even turning off the phone is good. Today I turned it off for seven hours that were good. BUT i missed a call from my neurologist that we have been trying to connect over for a week….who would have thought he would call me at 2 pm on a Sunday? So maybe another way of living for me is what i do for the most part….see whose calling and hit “Later: to hear the message….but there are a few calls i take right away, mostly government and medical….is that a sad state of affairs when those people are only available when they call and you don’t even get a window to be prepared? I’m rambling now, because i’ve had a smooth morning/afternoon of personal connectin in the first person sense! I’ll stop and reconnect my phone!

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