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“Mold-breaking” Charlie Anders, author of Choir Boy and All the Birds in the Sky

“I loved this anthology. I found the overall quality of Self-Organizing Men to be superior.” – Max Valerio, author of The Testosterone Files

“If you are FTM identified or if you are not, this is a highly valuable collection of stories from members of a community that never fully coalesced. From members of a community that may always be in some kind of transition, whether we see it or not.” – Out in the Mountains

A man is man because he says he is, so say the contributors to Self-Organizing Men.

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Self-Organizing Men – through poetry, visual images, prose and humor – seeks to understand how paradox – we are both men and not, masculine and not – creates opportunities for sustained connections to sexual love, the penis, childhood, and vulnerability.

The contributors also disrupt traditional transsexual narratives of masculinity and the gendered body.

Contributors include: Eli Clare, Scott Turner Schofield, Tim’m T. West, Dr. Bobby Noble, Nick Kiddle, Eli VandenBerg, Jordy Jones, Doran George, Aren Z. Aizura, and Gaylourdes.


Author and Editor Jay Sennett has been living as man since 1996 and writing about transsexuality, race, class and other hot topics for almost as long.