Lower Rouge River Trail

The Lower Rouge River Trail proved to be quite fun though we had some odd encounters. Entering the trail head on Morton Taylor road, don’t the let the Bates-like motel thwart you from your destination. The trail is packed with birds and ducks and deer. We also encounter several humans, including two older white men in full battle gear. One carried a semi-automatic on his right hip while his partner carried an automatic weapon. Old white dude wannabees? Michigan Militia members? Loaded? Not loaded? You decide.

Neither of us felt unsafe. We did comment on how odd the experience was. For those not from Michigan, Michigan is an open-carry state.

The trail path we took went east to the I-275 interchange, where the Lower Rouge River Trail connects with the I-275 trail, a 30-mile mix use path. Pretty cool, huh? Almost 40 continuous miles of mix use paths in the state that brought you the automobile and the B-24 bomber.

Ms. H. and I both found the experience exhilarating. For a state that has struggle since the dot com bust of 1999, I take great pleasure in every effort to preserve natural landscapes in any areas hard hit by deindustrialization and the almost-end of capitalism.

Please schedule a trip the Lower Rouge River Trail. I think you won’t regret it.

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