Gone Reading

two beach chairs at dusk along a shoreline

I work every day except for two or three months of vacation when I travel and generally don’t work at all. I read very little during the year, and when I go away I take a big valise full of books, books that I didn’t have time to read. – Simone de Beauvoir

I will be taking a two-week scheduled break to spend time with family, friends,  gorge on tomatoes, revel in the last weeks of summer and, like de Beauvoir, read.

The newsletter returns Thursday, September 10 with a multi-part series on point-of-view. This series will cover the usual first- and third-person omniscient and close points-of-view plus the less used first-person plural and second-person points-of-view. Choosing a point-of-view is one of the most important decisions a writer can make. I look forward to sharing with you excerpts from some great books and reading your feedback on this exciting series.

Please relish these last weeks of summer.

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