Plastic Pops

Plastic Pops
Originally uploaded by Jay Sennett

This cartoon was in the final rounds of my book Self-Organizing Men but ultimately got cut.

The basis of this cartoon required some understanding both of the environmental impact of endocrine-disrupting chemicals as well as a belief that science is as socially-constructed. I thought at the time that most american readers wouldn’t grasp the finer points of this cartoon.

I’ve found that folks who handily declare that gender is socially constructed come up short when it comes to science. Klew phone. Scientific knowledge can and does change over time.

Don’t believe me? How about Ptolemy? Galileo’s house arrest for daring to undermine the Ptolemaic worldview? Newton? Einstein? Quantum Mechanics?

Einstein himself thought quantum mechanics a load of crap. “God doesn’t play dice with the Universe.” In fact, god probably does play dice, alot.

So how is that biology is exempt from the same changes, heresies and disruptions as other branches of science? And why are we so invested in locating gender in our biology? Intertwined with these questions is another one: why does stating that gender can be self-determined act astonish and frighten some people?

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