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Today is one of those midwestern winter days

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Today has been on of those midwestern winter days, days for which we have achieved some notoriety. We awoke at the usual time of 6:00 am and headed outside about twenty minutes later to 5+ inches of wet, heavy snow.

This type of snow is extraordinarily heavy and difficult to remove. Two neighbors using snow blowers had to stop every few minutes to clean out the brushes. We finished removing the snow about an hour later. When the snow is not heavy, we can usually remove it in about 30 minutes.

At work, I watched a Bobcat simply heave up and die. Guess it got tired from all the shoveling. The ice and accumulated snow caused several branches to break off and land on the sidewalk. This type of snow creates enormous pools of water curbside and at curb cuts. No matter now much snow is on the ground or even ice, there are always people who wear sneakers or low-profile shoes. I had great fun watching them attempt to find a clear path to the sidewalk from the street. Some just gave up and walked through the water.

These kinds of days take a lot out of me. In America we are expected to work regardless of the weather or the condition of the roads or the temperature. Fortunately my employer doesn’t care what time I arrive, but I know I am fortunate as others struggle to get to work o time, which is quite sad, actually.

Tonight we gear up for another inch or so. I am looking forward to spring.

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