The Downsides of White Privilege

Downloads of White Privilege

A visitor found this space by googling “the downside of white privilege.” I suspect they wanted to learn more about how racism harms white privilege, which it does, in insidious ways. Perhaps the most harmful aspect of white privilege for white people is its opacity. We have it but don’t realize we have it. At least that is how I have come to understand how white privilege operates in my life. And even knowing I have white privilege, I still struggle to see myself acting through it, without realizing it.

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After Transition: Hair Grows, Just Not Where I Wanted

Hairy-AssAhh, the growth of hair. Everywhere but on the top of my head. Besides not telling me that shaving gets boring, nobody bothered to tell me that the hair on my ass would explode.

Like weeds, too, I might add. The sad reality is the plush head of hair I’ve dreamed of my entire life – think Pierce Brosnan, regardless of whether you liked him as James Bond – alas, will only come to pass if I can convince everyone to talk to my ass instead of my face.

Wish me luck.

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After Transition: Shaving, or Drudgery

after-transition What Will Happen After Transition?

Oh, the dreams I possessed in early transition. I was going to grow a full beard! No wait, a goatee! A mustache! All facial hair seemed possible in the early days of hormones back in 1996.

Despite scouring the AOL FtM boards for information – and that’s all there was back then, AOL – I found little information about life after the hormones had settled into our bodies. I’m talking after the horniness subsides and the acne and backne becomes manageable, that life post-transition. Nobody seemed to know much, or, if they did, they weren’t talking.

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