One Ringy-Dingy Lily Tomlin with Cher when Cher was still beautiful. Look Cher! I work for the phone company. It’s not my job to think.

Tonight I am Tired

Very tired. Rose at 5:20 this morning. Biked to work in the rain. Then could not release my foot from the clip less pedal and fell off the bike, in the rain. Ro...

Cinetopia, Day 3

Just a documentary on the Source Family. Quite excellent. At 9:30 EST I will begin watching my 10th movie in 48 hours. Cinetopia rocks. Especially the vintage h...

Cinetopia 2013

I am attending the opening night of Cinetopia 2013, a four-day film extravaganza. My plan is to see 16 movies by Sunday evening.