Ypsilanti: Fairy Doors of Normal Park

I took myself on a flaneur to take photos of the whimsical fairy doors of Normal Park, Ypsilanti. Normal Park is one of the oldest remaining residential areas in Ypsilanti. The original settlement is long gone, buried under the asphalt of Interstate 94, though I’m sure those structures disappeared long before Eisenhower.

The district is quiet, with mature trees and, in many instances, manicured lawns and well-thought out gardens. I love Normal Park, but don’t love the city’s taxes. I’m content to live in newer construction in the township.

The photos above represent 2 of the 14 known fairy doors. I’ll add more photos over the next several days, as well as addresses.

I’m thinking about adding a fairy door to our garden. I love the whimsy and child-like wonder they instill. Where are the fairy doors in your life?

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