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Dvision Distortion Vintage Ypsilanti Steampunk Spaceship Reflections Breckenridge Untitled Hot Cross Buns on the Way Just Red At the Continental Club Clouds with Power Tower Incense
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Why You Should Copy Other Writers I Got Hacked Limits Limit Me Writing Exercise: The Reluctant I On Proper Word Choice The Big O is What It’s All About How to Write 1.2 Million Words a Year What is Writing Practice? Do This Exercise, or The Imperative Pursuing Goals I’ve Created Kids Mocking Adults The Big O: Mohsin Hamid Toni Morrison & Angela Davis - The Purpose of Freedom These 3 Words Will Improve Your Writing Guaranteed On Writing Distractions: FakeFriends Creativity is a Marathon Ursula Le Guin’s Advice: There Are No Recipes Gratitude: Not Being Able to Write Twenty-Five Cent Words Are You Creating Easy or Creating Well? On Being a Bad Writer The Adverb is Not Your Friend Five Reasons Why You Should Write to Your Loved Ones Going Pro (Or I’m a Real Writer) Scribbler’s Paradise: 100% Effort A Me Beyond Me On Change and Self-Management Scribbler’s Paradise Writing Exercise, or The Unreliable Third The Art of Revision One Cool Trick to Shift Points of View Rules for Creatives Do I Write What I Want to Read? Novel Writing - The Understory Point of View in Writing Do the Work Before the Work Does You In Diary of a Wave Outside the Sea - Dunya Mikhail Toni Morrison & Alice Walker - There are Only Black People Verb Tense and Writing Fiction Mastery Takes a Very Long Time You, The Narrator and Participant - Sebastopol Sketches Terror Points the Way to Writing Fiction They Always Want the Writer to Work for Nothing (NSFW) Location Less Writing You, The Narrator - Self-Help How I Got More Out of My Writing Process How to Read Like a Writer The Duty of an Artist You and She, The Narrators - A Hybrid Form Reading Exercise: The How of Language Intentional Practice: Focus on the Growing Heap We, The Narrators - Buddha in the Attic When a Beta Reader Says No Writing Exercise, or Journalism Intentional Practice: Creating a Framework for Good Habits This One Trick is at the Heart of Writing I Got Hacked, Part 2 Duotrope for Better Writing Management 3 A.M. Epiphany - A Great Writing Tool Writing In and Out Images Winging It Works?!? You, The Narrator - Bright Lights, Big City Wanted: Intuition It All Started With A Google Search Caveat Scriptor: Let the Writer Beware Tactics versus Strategy
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Against Heteronormativity The FtM Loses His Gender What Happens Next Trannier Than Thou FtM Bromance Pain The FtM Receives a Compliment The FtM Can’t Be Sexist The FtM Makes a Declaration The Dildo Dilemma Of Man Pies, Anatomy and Identity What’s My Gender Again, Part 3 The Back of the Bus Radical Cootiest Feminist Wishful Thinking Conformity and Transsexualism FtMs Find Meaning The Origin of His Problem FtM Blues Transsexual Intel on Wearing a Bow Tie The FtM Keeps His Tools of the Patriarchy What Are the Questions? The Natural Arc of My Life An FtM Superhero Do You Like My Bulge? Why I Became a Man Hormones Made Me Homophobic So What? A Short To-Do List How Come Nobody Told Me My Squishy Brain The Number 1 Reason I Became a Man But I’m Trans Get It Right Bow Tie or Balls? All Progress Depends on Transcatual! It Take a Village The Big Scary Using Gender to Get Into Our Bodies FtM Post-Phalloplasty Surgery Worship Me! post FtM on an LGBT Panel Hormones Can Save You The Downsides of White Privilege The FtM Gets No Satisfaction The Final Femmethology Cartoons Rights Answers to the Wrong Body Question Transgender and Bisexual Solidarity Heteroflexible Bottom Surgery I.D. Checker The Real Reason Trannies Transition Back to life. post A Female to Male Transsexual Reflects on Gender and Biology The FtM Lets You Know the Deal Bothand Privacy After Transition: Hair Grows, Just Not Where I Wanted Feel Free to Worship Me The FtM is Shocked The Control Issue Imagine That I Forgot The Real Reason Gays Want Marriage Future Artefact Barbie Made Me Do IT! My Body is Wrong Transsexual Stories: A Day in the Life of a Transsexual Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….? Very Important Transgenders Transgender Gender Revolt (NSFW Version) Becoming a White Dude The Truth About Early Transgender Transition Unto Us A Son is Born The Zen of Gender More on EDCs 20 Years on Testosterone Arselicking Redux Is You a Feminist? Perpetual Peak Experiences Hurt My Health The Quantum Mechanics of a Pregnant Transman The FtM Butt It’s All About Me! The Not Special Penis Getting What We Need Performativity Schnormativity Which Came First Subsets of Transphobes The FtM Learns Something Shocking Gender: Drop Dead! Something’s Wrong Mr Asshat Transsexual The FtM Plays God After Transition: Shaving, or Drudgery Queerspawn Masculinity: What Does Self-Organizing Men Mean? The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Transgender Gender is Theater The Tao of the Transition Story The FtM Asks a Trick Question Gender as Branding as Label Gender, Physical Movement, Permission and Waiting Transgender Super Hero/ine Asks: What Do You Know About Gender? D.W.T. Privacy and Going Against Genre It’s a Bird, A Plane…. More FtM Blues Transgender Short Story: The Sketchbook Project
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Voices in Time: Sylvia Rivera
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Naps are Fantastic InTouch Magazine is OutofTouch, and So Are We Managing the Irrelevant Radical Acceptance: With the Power Out, A Pencil Is In Off-Kilter Transsexuality: The Barrel of a Gun Making Myself Irrelevant Ypsilanti: CBC Radio 2 Call Me Enraged: Simplistic Transsexual Metaphors If You Accept Death, Fear Disappears Early Morning Ritual Gratitudes: Paella With Friends What’s My Gender, Again? Part Two No One Talks About Murder Like They Talk About Transsexual Genitalia Ypsilanti: Archictectural Ruins at Gault Village Shopping Center This Breath, or Why Change is Hard Manners: Those Pesky Pronouns Bad Weather is Bad Preparation No Hope, No Fear: On Radical Acceptance On Excavating My Own Heart Who Decides Who is Trans? Radical Acceptance: The Worst Betrayal Dis/connected Radical Acceptance: Our Time Here on Earth Gender Paradox, An Excerpt, Part 4 The Odds of Being Human, On Gratitude Novel Writing: Completion On Saying Nothing A Transsexual Death Radical Acceptance: What to Do When the Me That I Was Isn’t the Me I Am, Anymore, or Regeneration Rosanne Cash A Day of Rest and Thanks Transgender People: Your Unconditional Right to Creativity Parker Mill County Park Preparation Equals Safety Time and Money Equals Why I Won’t Buy a $30,000 Car Random Acts of Kindness in a Pink, Ruffled Shirt Where’s the Privilege? Creativity: My First Story Book Trans Publishing Giving Up Coffee, Almost Me and the Rain The Day My Gender Failed An Improved and Unusual Transsexual Origin Metaphor Read Better, Write Better Gratitudes: Writing Everyday The Aim of Life Sincerely, Your Transgender Friend Fun Friday - ? Wonderful, Radical Transsexual Acceptance Intentional Practice: Constrained Choices, or The Work Uniform A Beautiful Form of Politeness Death is Very Likely the Single Best Invention of Life Buddha Lives in Versailles & Dog Dung Gratitudes: Snow Storming, Julie London and Perfidia On Transsexual Metaphors If You’re Transgender, Are You Unnatural? Body Words from the Past Memory and Imagination in Memoir Simplistic Transsexual Transition Metaphors The Right to Cause Offense Why Not Wash the House by Hand Finding Peace Within Casey Legler - A Female Male Model Our Monumental Desire for the Binary Gender System Catalogues: Assets Cleaning Windows Growing is Forever, and Thank the Goddess for That A Confederate Flag Flew from a Northern House The Secret to What is Underneath (Transphobic) Shame Getting Nothing for That Deal Everyone Was a Child Once First Summer Pie Radical Acceptance: Clothing Gratitudes: F.R. You: A Transsexual Love Story Breakthrough, Beautiful Transsexual Transition Metaphors An FtM’s Dilemma Gender Paradox: A Life, An Excerpt, Part 2 International Practice: Large Cash Purchases and Final Choices The Art of Doing Nothing What’s Up With Cisgender Anyway? Washing by Hand and Other Vacation Adventures Radical Acceptance: Embrace Actions Not Expectations What’s Underneath If It Weren’t For the Last Minute The Gym Terrified Me Transsexual Man Becomes the Subject of His Life Side Effects Include: Enhanced White Privilege Radical Acceptance: The Universe is in Us Archives Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub Web Realignment: Then and Now The Value of Unsurpassed Transgender Self-Love Writing Historical Memory and Responsibility Transition is Hard A Transsexual Man Dresses Himself The Viewfinder Gratitudes: Ms. H. Gratitudes: A Glorious Fall Day The Bottom Line on Disclosing Our Transgender Histories On Regret Narcissism, Humility and Juiciness Intentional Practice: Nothing to Say About Anything A Perspective on Transgender Memoir: Where to Start? Visit the Doctor Like a World-Class Trannie Gratitudes: For Ms. H. The Forever Internet and Our Digital Identities Too Small Relaxation Ypsilanti: A Winter’s Sunday Squash On Rejection and Moby-Dick, Expanded Intentional Practice: What Roads Uplanned Await You? I Suppose I am a Grown-Up Man, Now Be Daring: Love the Body You Have, Not the One You Want Gratitudes: The Value of Waiting Transsexual stories: You can’t have a hysterectomy! Today We Recycled the New Telephone Book Why I Might Not Tell You I’m Transsexual How Can I Make Today the Best Day of My Life? Racial Sadist or Father of American Gynecology Limits and Having a Thing for the Blue Suit Website Realignment: What the Heck are These Transgender Cartoons Doing in my Life, Part 2 It’s My Job to Pick Up the Trash A Minimalist Guide to Gender - Transgender or Otherwise Gender Confirming Gender There is No Try The Plague of Plagiarism Masculinity and the Feminism of Simplicty, Part One In a Weird Way, Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Might Not be Neutral Gender Paradox: A Life, An Excerpt, Part 3 On Radical Acceptance: We Waste our Existence Our New Kitteh: Moxie Sex and Chronic Illness Fiction Friday: Rubyfruit Jungle Huge Gift for Transsexuals: Love A FtM in a Pink-Ruffled Shirt Drives Into a Truck Stop Who Should STFU? Lessons Learned From a Bucket Gratitudes: Confessions of a Feminist Nutritionist Open City, by Teju Cole Gender Paradox: A Life, an Excerpt, Part 1 Radical Acceptance: My Wonderful Transsexual Body A Fascinating Truth About Privilege Website Realignment: What the Heck are these Transgender Cartoons Doing in my Life?, Part 1 Transgender Memoir: The Ever-Present Memory Are You a Book Marker? The Immorality of Messiness Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub, Part 2 The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Uncleared Curb Cuts Intentional Practice: Personal Guidelines Self-Publishing - Part 3 Why I Write Little Somethings: The Lost Kingdoms of Africa Strange Bathroom Logic of Transgender Opponents Gratitude as a Political Practice Who Owns Social Justice? Intentional Practice: Regret Analysis Novel Writing: Hard Focus Novel Writing: The Novel Outline The FtM Thinks He Can Buy His Masculinity We, The Transsexuals Gratitudes: I’m an Idiot Some of the Time My first year in transition Little Somethings: There is No Age Limit for Riding Radical Acceptance: Being Here Now, The Hater Edition On Disorganization, or When Things Get Away From Us Setting My Own Style Agenda Intentional Practice: Goodbye to All That iPhone Email You Know Your Wife is Devoted When… The R-Word My Eulogy Web Realignment: Feeling Naked or the Beginner’s Mind Dreams of a Life Radical Acceptance: My Fear of Hunger Masculinity and the Feminism of Simplicity, Part Two Radical Acceptance: My Work - Novel Writing Gratitudes: Hugh McLeod I Used to Give Up Do You Make This Mistake as an FtM?