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Rosanne Cash

cover photo of Rosanne Cash’s album, The List

Ms. H. and I saw Rosanne Cash at Hill Auditorium in 2010. I had not wanted to see her but Ms. H. did, so I went, reluctantly. She performed songs from her album, The List and others. She spoke of some of her life and her father, Johnny Cash.

Rosanne Cash absolutely blew me away. Her presence onstage made me aware of myself similar to a Zen temple. Stillness. Calm. Presence. She made me wake up to myself.

I read Composed: A Memoir, her blog and just about everything I could about her. Rosanne cultivates and practices her craft of music and life.

She exemplifies the life of a professional musician. She also considers herself a mystic, which she discusses with Krista Tippet in the interview above. She has also worked very, very hard for all that she can now express. Watch her perform God is in the Roses” in the video above. Magic.

Her words have had a profound impact on me as a writer. From her I have learned to take my craft seriously, to stop dabbling, to honor my impulses, instincts and yes, gifts. In an interview with Diane Rehm, a caller asked how can her nephew create a strong foundation for creative expression. Rosanne Cash replied thusly:

Well, the best advice that was given to me was refine your skills so you can support your instincts. Meaning, those great impulses and passion that he feels for the things that he wants, he needs to have a skill set and discipline to support that so that when that inspiration comes, he has the tools to translate it. Do you know what I mean? So that’s the best advice I got. And I worked hard. Like I said, I just kept showing up for myself.

Showing up for myself. I need to do more of that and have more people like Rosanne in my life. A peaceable and restorative Sunday to you all.

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