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Transgender Cartoons

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A Female to Male Transsexual Reflects on Gender and Biology Nov 8, 2018 Transgender Cartoons When the Trump Administration revealed their latest gambit to deny transgender and transsexual people our civil rights, I revisited the biological Transsexual Intel on Wearing a Bow Tie Nov 7, 2018 Transgender Cartoons Bowties caught my fancy about ten years ago. I took every opportunity to wear them. People complimented me on them. A few men told me how they The Truth About Early Transgender Transition Jun 13, 2017 Transgender & Transgender Cartoons The self-obsession I engaged in during my early days on hormones only became apparent in retrospect. Boy was I embarrassed. The realization that I Transgender and Bisexual Solidarity Jun 11, 2017 Living a Creative Life & Transgender & Transgender Cartoons Biphobia runs rampant in gay and lesbian communities. Lesbians desert their bisexual friends, women they used to hang with when said women dated a Transgender Super Hero/ine Asks: What Do You Know About Gender? Jun 4, 2017 Living a Creative Life & Transgender & Transgender Cartoons We need transsexual and transgender superheroes. That realization prompted me to spend time honing my drawing skills, something I had neglected to Transgender Short Story: The Sketchbook Project Jun 3, 2017 Transgender & Transgender Cartoons & Writing In May of 2011 I completed my first story for the Art House Coop, the virtual extension of the Brooklyn Art Library. We were allowed to choose a Do You Like My Bulge? Sep 28, 2009 Transgender Cartoons The Back of the Bus Mar 31, 2007 Cartoons & Transgender Cartoons A man in a wheelchair says, “I can’t even get on the bus.”