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The Dildo Dilemma Jul 5, 2019 transgender cartoons A Female to Male Transsexual Reflects on Gender and Biology Nov 8, 2018 Transgender Cartoons When the Trump Administration revealed their latest gambit to deny transgender and transsexual people our civil rights, I revisited the biological Transsexual Intel on Wearing a Bow Tie Nov 7, 2018 Transgender Cartoons Bowties caught my fancy about ten years ago. I took every opportunity to wear them. People complimented me on them. A few men told me how they The Truth About Early Transgender Transition Jun 13, 2017 Transgender Cartoons The self-obsession I engaged in during my early days on hormones only became apparent in retrospect. Boy was I embarrassed. The realization that I Transgender and Bisexual Solidarity Jun 11, 2017 Transgender Cartoons Biphobia runs rampant in gay and lesbian communities. Lesbians desert their bisexual friends, women they used to hang with when said women dated a Transgender Gender Revolt (NSFW Version) Jun 9, 2017 Transgender Cartoons Way back in 2010 I created a website called Revolutionize Your Gender. I had wanted to disseminate slogans that made us transgender people feel Transgender Super Hero/ine Asks: What Do You Know About Gender? Jun 4, 2017 Transgender Cartoons We need transsexual and transgender superheroes. That realization prompted me to spend time honing my drawing skills, something I had neglected to Transgender Short Story: The Sketchbook Project Jun 3, 2017 Transgender Cartoons In May of 2011 I completed my first story for the Art House Coop, the virtual extension of the Brooklyn Art Library. We were allowed to choose a Transsexual Stories: A Day in the Life of a Transsexual Jul 25, 2013 Transgender Cartoons I am proud to share with you a fictional story I wrote for the Sketchbook Project. Entitled, “A Day in the Life of a Transsexual,” it is a decent Masculinity: What Does Self-Organizing Men Mean? May 1, 2013 Transgender Cartoons I am often asked what does the title of my book mean? Simply put, the title suggests we organize and re-organize our self-understanding as we move What’s My Gender Again, Part 3 Apr 17, 2013 Transgender Cartoons I believe the last two days of ponderings may be summed up after the jump. I suppose we reveals things to ourselves when we are ready, and, for the The Downsides of White Privilege Apr 12, 2013 Transgender Cartoons A visitor found this space by googling “the downside of white privilege.” I suspect they wanted to learn more about how racism harms white Perpetual Peak Experiences Hurt My Health Jan 31, 2013 Transgender Cartoons Perpetual peak experiences seemed mine by birthright. Growing up my father provided me and my family with opportunities to live in Hong Kong and An FtM Superhero Jul 13, 2012 Transgender Cartoons After Transition: Hair Grows, Just Not Where I Wanted Jun 13, 2012 Transgender Cartoons Ahh, the growth of hair. Everywhere but on the top of my head. Besides not telling me that shaving gets boring, nobody bothered to tell me that the After Transition: Shaving, or Drudgery Jun 11, 2012 transgender cartoons What Will Happen After Transition? Oh, the dreams I possessed in early transition. I was going to grow a full beard! No wait, a goatee! A It’s All About Me! Jun 7, 2012 Transgender Cartoons This is one of the very first cartoons I drew. Can you tell? Me, too. White liberals, regardless of gender orientation, haven’t changed nearly as The Control Issue Nov 24, 2009 Transgender Cartoons The FtM Butt Sep 30, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Do You Like My Bulge? Sep 28, 2009 Transgender Cartoons The Real Reason Trannies Transition Jun 4, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Forget the sex, the privilege, the clothes. I transitioned for the panel discussions. The Real Reason Gays Want Marriage Jun 2, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Healthcare? I already have healthcare. I want to marry to pass on my assets for free. If you want healthcare, get a job. This cartoon is now dated. The FtM Gets No Satisfaction May 29, 2009 Transgender Cartoons “Was it good for you,” I asked. “No even worth a tweet,” she said. The FtM is Shocked May 27, 2009 Transgender Cartoons I know size matters for the gays. But I had no idea that size matters for the babes, too. “Of course,” a babe told me recently, “we never say Radical Cootiest Feminist May 14, 2009 Transgender Cartoons I am a radical cootiest feminist. All manifestations of masculinity are cootie-filled and icky. Any masculine presence, be it on the web, at the The FtM Makes a Declaration May 13, 2009 Transgender Cartoons “I can’t be racist,” I told her. “I’m FtM. I’m oppressed, too!” The FtM Receives a Compliment May 12, 2009 Transgender Cartoons “I’m transsexual,” I told him. He said, “Wow! You’re becoming a woman.” Queerspawn May 1, 2009 Transgender Cartoons For femmetron and all the COLAGE folks. It Take a Village Apr 30, 2009 Transgender Cartoons If only Hillary had known…. Privacy Apr 29, 2009 Transgender Cartoons With a hat tip to Audre Lorde. Gender is Theater Apr 24, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Gender is theater. What is your role? Worship Me! Apr 22, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /worship-me/ Worship me! I have a big dildo. My Body is Wrong Apr 15, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /my-body-is-wrong/ I was born in the wrong body. I should have been born rich. Hormones Can Save You Apr 10, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Testosterone is my personal jesus. The Tao of the Transition Story Apr 7, 2009 Transgender Cartoons The only thing that keeps him going is the mistaken belief that people care about his transition story. The FtM Plays God Apr 6, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /the-ftm-plays-god/ “Hey babe,” I said to her, grabbing her knees. “Pretend you’re the Red Sea and I’m God.” Then she dumped her coffee FtM Bromance Apr 5, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /ftm-bromance/ Heterosexual FtM Love Story equals Fromance. The FtM Asks a Trick Question Apr 4, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /the-ftm-asks-a-trick-question/ Who here looks like a million bucks? Trick question. I do. Which Came First Apr 3, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /which-came-first/ Which came first: body or gender? The FtM Can’t Be Sexist Apr 1, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /the-ftm-cant-be-sexist/ “I can’t be sexist. I’m FtM.” The FtM Loses His Gender Mar 31, 2009 Transgender Cartoons I’m having an out-of-gender experience. Can I borrow some from you? The FtM Learns Something Shocking Mar 30, 2009 Transgender Cartoons What do you mean as a white FtM I might have privilege? The FtM Keeps His Tools of the Patriarchy Mar 29, 2009 Transgender Cartoons A zen priest once asked what objects we would keep if we had one box and one box only to keep our chosen objects in. The priest mentioned her kids FtMs Find Meaning Mar 28, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /the-ftms-find-meaning/ Suddenly my life has purpose. (for more on the power donut) The FtM Lets You Know the Deal Mar 27, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Hey! I’m White. FtM Post-Phalloplasty Surgery Mar 26, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Would you like to see my new penis? Feel Free to Worship Me Mar 25, 2009 Transgender Cartoons I changed my gender. Feel Free to Worship Me. Mr Asshat Transsexual Mar 23, 2009 Transgender Cartoons that’s mr. binary gender loving asshat transsexual to you. So What? Feb 23, 2009 Transgender Cartoons The Final Femmethology Cartoons Feb 23, 2009 Transgender Cartoons I can hardly believe that Visible: A Femmethology, the only two-volume anthology dedicted to femme identity, will be released next month. Two of the Back to life. Jan 28, 2009 Transgender Cartoons Back to reality. I heard that song last night in my spinning class. I have forgotten that these cartoons are part of my true life Why I Became a Man Jun 4, 2008 Transgender Cartoons This cartoon is dedicated to those feminists who think I am straying from the feminine path and those FtMs who think they have no privilege. Rock Gender: Drop Dead! May 8, 2008 Transgender Cartoons The cartoon is a checklist for your gender. I recently learned that only a judge can declare me male, in a court of law. Or so it goes in Colorado. The Quantum Mechanics of a Pregnant Transman Apr 4, 2008 Transgender Cartoons Thomas Beattie is hot right now. Pregnant transmen boggle our imaginations. Pregnant? you say. And he says he is a man?? How can this be?!? Unto Us A Son is Born Dec 1, 2007 Transgender Cartoons I Forgot Nov 8, 2007 Transgender Cartoons A man says “I forgot my gender…” A Short To-Do List Oct 10, 2007 Transgender Cartoons He bolted upright in bed. The only thing shorter than his to-do list was his penis. The Origin of His Problem Oct 10, 2007 Transgender Cartoons The origins of his problems: his teeny dildo. The Not Special Penis Sep 4, 2007 transgender cartoons [Image description: A man with a smile on his face with text that reads “suddenly he realized his penis just wasn’t that special.”] 20 Years on Testosterone May 8, 2007 Transgender Cartoons The cartoon is captioned “FtMs after 20 years on hormones.” One ftm wearing a shirt and tie says to another FtM wearing a tranarchy t-shirt, “Hey post May 7, 2007 Transgender Cartoons This cartoon works for different assclownish behaviors. I can’t believe I forgot to uphold ableism. I can’t believe I forgot to uphold post Apr 24, 2007 Transgender Cartoons [Click on the cartoon to enlarge/print/download, etc. It’s free to use at any time.] Please check out Women of Color Blog for many great links Imagine That Apr 15, 2007 Transgender Cartoons [Click on the image to download/print/email, etc. This cartoon is free.] Heteroflexible Apr 6, 2007 Transgender Cartoons Thank you to a regular reader for hipping me to the latest in our evolving dynamic, very off-the-beaten-path terminology. Rock on. Pain Apr 5, 2007 Transgender Cartoons Shaving hurts, and, after doing it off an on for thirteen years, it’s boring. Who knew? The Back of the Bus Mar 31, 2007 Transgender Cartoons A man in a wheelchair says, “I can’t even get on the bus.” Bottom Surgery I.D. Checker Mar 30, 2007 Transgender Cartoons Forge Forward commissioned this cartoon. I’m here this weekend. Tonight I’m giving a keynote. I’ll let everyone know how it goes. P.S. - ‘Drop How Come Nobody Told Me Mar 30, 2007 Transgender Cartoons How come nobody told me I’m white? Other white transmen relate to that? But I’m Trans Mar 28, 2007 Transgender Cartoons Whether we like it or not privilege happens to trans men. We didn’t ask for it, but now that we have it, let’s use it to make our worlds better for Bow Tie or Balls? Mar 21, 2007 Transgender Cartoons A man said this very thing to me. And yes, I was wearing a bow tie…. Something’s Wrong Mar 19, 2007 Transgender Cartoons FtM with a dildo on backwards says, “something is wrong but I can’t figure out what it is…” D.W.T. Mar 13, 2007 Transgender Cartoons What Happens Next Feb 16, 2007 transgender cartoons What happens after gender? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….? Nov 1, 2006 Transgender Cartoons [ Is You a Feminist? Oct 17, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Permalink: /is-you-a-feminist/ It’s a Bird, A Plane…. Oct 13, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Very Important Transgenders Sep 15, 2006 Transgender Cartoons The Big Scary Sep 9, 2006 Transgender Cartoons What Are the Questions? Sep 3, 2006 Transgender Cartoons On my mind of late…if male and female are the answers, what are the questions? Against Heteronormativity Apr 21, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Embedded with heteronormavity lies assumptions about the physical nature of heteronormative bodies. They are, usually: Thin White Temporarily Trannier Than Thou Apr 13, 2006 Transgender Cartoons The Zen of Gender Mar 8, 2006 transgender cartoons Getting What We Need Mar 8, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Bothand Mar 7, 2006 Transgender Cartoons The Natural Arc of My Life Feb 27, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Oh. My. God. Alas, I now know more about domain hosting and transfer than I ever though possible. I also know that it is a very bad idea for me to Subsets of Transphobes Feb 14, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Rights Answers to the Wrong Body Question Feb 8, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Folks who want to be on our side sometimes parrot conventional wisdom and say, “transsexuals are born in the wrong body.” Over the last many years, My Squishy Brain Feb 7, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Seriously! I realized yesterday that I believe I am stupider now on T than pre-T. (I realize that saying I’m stupider on T is sooooo un-PC. But who Wishful Thinking Feb 6, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Hormones Made Me Homophobic Feb 2, 2006 Transgender Cartoons True Story: About six months after I had begun living as a man, I stopped by my local Bunn and Noodle. I searched for Kate Bornstein’s Gender Becoming a White Dude Jan 10, 2006 Transgender Cartoons As I read through the comments here about trans-phobic feminism a thought process has finally crystallized for me. A problem with trans-phobic Arselicking Redux Jan 9, 2006 Transgender Cartoons This is one of my favorite cartoons, which is why I’m reposting it. Everything I needed to learn in life, I learned from my cat. Barbie Made Me Do IT! Jan 6, 2006 transgender cartoons Privacy and Going Against Genre Jan 3, 2006 Transgender Cartoons Privacy and question answering seem to be twin shores I swim between. At one, I am free of the ridiculous and somtimes mindbogglingly stupid - FtM on an LGBT Panel Dec 9, 2005 Transgender Cartoons A while back I spent some time chatting with a new FtM. You know, one of the ones with less than a year’s time on hormones. So I’m sitting in my Gender as Branding as Label Dec 8, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Of course, I will probably be killed in people’s heads for claiming that gender is branding. But gender = label = brand. I thought of this equation Gender, Physical Movement, Permission and Waiting Dec 7, 2005 Transgender Cartoons USA Today reported that a majority of disability-related complaints filed with the Department of Transportation cited airline wheelchair service as The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Transgender Dec 6, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Drawn in 2005. By far the best part of blogging is reading the comments. piny, a sometimes commenter here, yesterday offered one of the most Using Gender to Get Into Our Bodies Nov 30, 2005 Transgender Cartoons I think I’ve had this whole transsexual thing ass backwards. Then: I used medical strategies to manipulate my body to get into my masculinity. Of Man Pies, Anatomy and Identity Nov 18, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Guys with Pies. Maria over at Daily Dose of Queer emailed me about this phrase. Dan Savage, Mr. I’m Moving to Canada if Things Don’t Go My Way The Number 1 Reason I Became a Man Nov 7, 2005 Transgender Cartoons I awoke yesterday morning, thinking again, “who knew?” Who knew that underneath all my gender issues/dysphoria/etc. I made my gender choices for All Progress Depends on Transcatual! Nov 4, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Again, the Human Rights Campaign, aka Hardly Recognizes Change, won’t support gender identity inclusion in federal legislation. They used to make More FtM Blues Nov 2, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Indeed. In my tiny life, to pack or not to pack, haunts and sustains me. As long as I can remember, I’ve obsessed about the size of my package. And Performativity Schnormativity Oct 28, 2005 Transgender Cartoons Alas, I know I should care more about these label wars. After all, on the U.S. left, we trade in radicalness. No one wants to be average or Conformity and Transsexualism Oct 19, 2005 Transgender Cartoons My pal Az at going somewhere has a great post about the failure of nationalistic metaphors to describe transsexual experiences. The value of his Get It Right Oct 12, 2005 Transgender Cartoons (For Anna Camilleri and Maria at Daily Dose of Queer) [Update: For Ona Marae, too. And all the nelly, faggy, poofter, limp-wristed, femme, super Future Artefact Oct 10, 2005 Transgender Cartoons More on EDCs here FtM Blues Oct 6, 2005 Transgender Cartoons More on EDCs Oct 5, 2005 Transgender Cartoons This article discusses emerging research linking endocrine disrupting chemicals and transsexualism. (via Deborah Rudacille) Who knew tupperware