Hello, I’m Jay Sennett

Welcome! I, like many of you, am a writer without formal training. By formal training I mean I have not attended an MFA program nor did I major in English in college.

Instead I endeavor to teach myself how to get better. I read a variety of fiction and nonfiction and write about how they did it, how they made use of particular points of view, for example, or word choice or characterization. Then I share them with you in my email newsletter.

My weekly emails will review how to

  • Discern and use a variety of Points of View (unreliable first person; unreliable third person [this is a sneaky one!]; second-person imperative) and discuss their weaknesses.
  • Increase our image writing skills.
  • Develop irony and a greater sense of detachment.
  • With a greater sense of irony and detachment, write with great humor.
  • Pursue more varied reading material – no matter the genre you write in – to add more tools to your toolbox.

Most of the writing wisdom we receive focuses on writing habits (i.e. write everyday; when the moon is full; while standing on your left toe, etc) rather than writing practice. I prefer to spending my time building a better writing practice.

A habit is something a person does frequently. A practice is something a person does frequently with the goal of getting better. Think of what we do here as practicing increasingly difficult writing exercises so that we might each be able to reveal to ourselves what we are writing about.

Please join our small, but growing group of writers as we work together to get better.

Please join us

About Jay Sennett

My work has been featured in Chicago’s Nightlines/Outlines, Michigan’s Between the Lines and The Nervous Breakdown. I’m the publisher and co-founder at Homofactus Press and the editor of Self-Organizing Men, an anthology about masculinity.


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