Gender: Drop Dead!

A gender check list with fuck off as a choice

The cartoon is a checklist for your gender. I recently learned that only a judge can declare me male, in a court of law. Or so it goes in Colorado.

The fact that I had to jump through so many hoops to change my birth certificate, only to find out that I’m administratively male, but (potentially) female in a legal sense, just pissed me right the F off.

So I created this cartoon, with some obsessive doodling around it. Doodling is good for work and the bus. And I think I channeled some hard core job stress right into this cartoon, too.

The cartoon reads, Gender: Administrative: Male or Female. Legal: Male or Female. Personal Choice: Fuck Off!

And I dedicate this cartoon to the good folks at Guerilla Travolaka!

A gender check list with fuck off as a choice

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