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Posts tagged “transgender cartoons”

The Dildo Dilemma
A Female to Male Transsexual Reflects on Gender and Biology
Transsexual Intel on Wearing a Bow Tie
The Truth About Early Transgender Transition
Transgender and Bisexual Solidarity
Transgender Gender Revolt (NSFW Version)
Transgender Super Hero/ine Asks: What Do You Know About Gender?
Transgender Short Story: The Sketchbook Project
Transsexual Stories: A Day in the Life of a Transsexual
Masculinity: What Does Self-Organizing Men Mean?
What’s My Gender Again, Part 3
The Downsides of White Privilege
Perpetual Peak Experiences Hurt My Health
An FtM Superhero
After Transition: Hair Grows, Just Not Where I Wanted
After Transition: Shaving, or Drudgery
It’s All About Me!
The Control Issue
The FtM Butt
Do You Like My Bulge?
The Real Reason Trannies Transition
The Real Reason Gays Want Marriage
The FtM Gets No Satisfaction
The FtM is Shocked
Radical Cootiest Feminist
The FtM Makes a Declaration
The FtM Receives a Compliment
It Take a Village
Gender is Theater
Worship Me!
My Body is Wrong
Hormones Can Save You
The Tao of the Transition Story
The FtM Plays God
FtM Bromance
The FtM Asks a Trick Question
Which Came First
The FtM Can’t Be Sexist
The FtM Loses His Gender
The FtM Learns Something Shocking
The FtM Keeps His Tools of the Patriarchy
FtMs Find Meaning
The FtM Lets You Know the Deal
FtM Post-Phalloplasty Surgery
Feel Free to Worship Me
Mr Asshat Transsexual
The Final Femmethology Cartoons
So What?
Back to life.
Why I Became a Man
Gender: Drop Dead!
The Quantum Mechanics of a Pregnant Transman
Unto Us A Son is Born
I Forgot
The Origin of His Problem
A Short To-Do List
The Not Special Penis
20 Years on Testosterone
Imagine That
The Back of the Bus
How Come Nobody Told Me
Bottom Surgery I.D. Checker
But I’m Trans
Bow Tie or Balls?
Something’s Wrong
What Happens Next
Is You a Feminist?
It’s a Bird, A Plane….
Very Important Transgenders
The Big Scary
What Are the Questions?
Against Heteronormativity
Trannier Than Thou
The Zen of Gender
Getting What We Need
The Natural Arc of My Life
Subsets of Transphobes
Rights Answers to the Wrong Body Question
My Squishy Brain
Wishful Thinking
Hormones Made Me Homophobic
Becoming a White Dude
Arselicking Redux
Barbie Made Me Do IT!
Privacy and Going Against Genre
FtM on an LGBT Panel
Gender as Branding as Label
Gender, Physical Movement, Permission and Waiting
The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Transgender
Using Gender to Get Into Our Bodies
Of Man Pies, Anatomy and Identity
The Number 1 Reason I Became a Man
All Progress Depends on Transcatual!
More FtM Blues
Performativity Schnormativity
Conformity and Transsexualism
Get It Right
Future Artefact
FtM Blues
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