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Gender Confirming Gender writing Your gender confirms their gender. Their gender confirms your gender. When you question your gender another person, either consciously or Getting Nothing for That Deal writing In April 2019, I began working at a local mechanic as a shuttle driver, driving customers to home or work after they’ve dropped off their cars for Who Should STFU? writing Everybody wants a piece of your gender. While they they may choose silence at first, preferring to let you speak, eventually they will offer On Regret writing “You’ll regret it if you start hormones. “You’ll regret it if you stop hormones. Regret. We’ve all felt it. About relationships. About work. About Body Words from the Past writing Each of us relates to body words differently, at different times in our lives. Thus this piece below, which I wrote this piece in 2001, fascinates On Transsexual Metaphors writing As a transsexual I live with a sad, dry reality: I get one metaphor to describe my choices and experiences. I was born in the wrong body. That’s it. We, The Transsexuals Writing We grew up feeling different, out of sorts with our bodies. We just knew we were one way. Despite what family and church and doctors might say. It’s You: A Transsexual Love Story Writing To my dearest, dearest transsexual family, Remember the time you felt a moment of rest, a pause, your body relaxing just ever so much, noticed by Sincerely, Your Transgender Friend Writing Dear Eraserhead, I checked this morning in the mirror, and guess what? I’m still here. At least as far as I can tell, I appear no more effaced, Wonderful, Radical Transsexual Acceptance Writing I wish I could say my path to masculinity followed a straight line from A to B. I thought it should have done that. But in retrospect, how can any A Minimalist Guide to Gender - Transgender or Otherwise Writing A lot of words have been devoted to minimalism: minimizing your clothes, your books, your money, even your relationships. I decided to apply a No One Talks About Murder Like They Talk About Transsexual Genitalia Writing October, 1971 John Berderka discharged two no. 4 bullets into David Allen Sennett’s neck and shoulder, murdering him almost instantly. When I said I Call Me Enraged: Simplistic Transsexual Metaphors Writing Doctors are unsure if transsexuals suffer from a disease of the soul or one of the brain, and so they cover their bases and create a diagnostic box, Be Daring: Love the Body You Have, Not the One You Want Writing I have uttered this mantra countless times since I transitioned from female to male more than twenty years ago. Nothing prepared me for the degree Off-Kilter Transsexuality: The Barrel of a Gun Writing The War Children Child In my prehormone college days of Ronald Reagan and the Eurythmics, I possessed a single, simple understanding of men (but A Beautiful Form of Politeness Writing Years later a blog post would read: When it comes to dressing well, American culture is so self-fulfilled that it is not only disregarded, this What’s Up With Cisgender Anyway? Writing Returning in 2005 to a kind of public life through the internet, which meant creating an online persona, confounded me. One of the strangest Transsexual Man Becomes the Subject of His Life Writing Below is a condensed version of the introduction to my book Self-Organizing Men. Self-Organizing Men draws its title from the work Chilean An Improved and Unusual Transsexual Origin Metaphor Writing In Color: A Natural History of the Palette, Victoria Findley writes that color arises through oscillating electromagnetic waves - comprising us, our Transgender People: Your Unconditional Right to Creativity Writing Dear Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Queer People: Creativity is your birthright. Paint. Draw. Sing. Dance. Write. Photograph. Perform. Find an In a Weird Way, Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Might Not be Neutral Writing Maybe gender neutral bathrooms aren’t so neutral. Women used to hassle me in the women’s room when I lived as butch. At over six feet tall, even Huge Gift for Transsexuals: Love Writing Dear transgender, transsexual and gender queer people: Love your lover. Even when you want to hate it, turn away from it, or worse, crush it, love The Value of Unsurpassed Transgender Self-Love Writing Boy how things change in seventeen years. I made this video in the late 90s. Clearly I felt confusion and pain about transitioning and my body. A Perspective on Transgender Memoir: Where to Start? Writing Transgender memoir as published today traditionally requires my point of origin to be my birth or my childhoods. This fulfills a primary The Bottom Line on Disclosing Our Transgender Histories Writing Jennifer Finney Boylan writes about the outing of Zeke Smith on Survivor. She initially discounts the use of the term stealth, which she describes Strange Bathroom Logic of Transgender Opponents Writing I’m not sure transgender and transsexual opponents of our equal rights really understand their own bathroom argument. Carried to its logical The Secret to What is Underneath (Transphobic) Shame Writing Post storm clouds shot at Washtenaw Community College. Shot with a Canon 60D. Several years ago I had Ms. H. read the then latest draft of my Radical Acceptance: My Wonderful Transsexual Body Writing Shot at the Hudson Automotive Museum using a Ricoh GR2. I like my body now. Rubbing testosterone gel on my stomach and thighs twice a day thrills Why I Might Not Tell You I’m Transsexual Writing This statue lives with us. Shot with a Canon 60D. I wasn’t ready to be welcomed. That’s how Rev. Thomas Schade described his reluctance to involve Simplistic Transsexual Transition Metaphors Writing Maxi Chanel returns to the dressing room. Shot with a Ricoh GR2. Transsexuals prevail despite laboring under a loathsome metaphor: You are born in Breakthrough, Beautiful Transsexual Transition Metaphors Writing Auto repair shop shot at night with a Ricoh GR2. Much of my fiction and nonfiction work seeks to dispense with two of the most unimaginative tropes Our Monumental Desire for the Binary Gender System Writing Playing around with a wide angle lens. Shot with a Canon 60D. All of us, from non-transgender to gender queer to transsexuals, need the binary If You’re Transgender, Are You Unnatural? Writing Bright sun on a winter day. Shot with a Ricoh GR2. People opposed to transgender rights resurrect the not-natural panic defense. You know the one. A Fascinating Truth About Privilege Writing Sometime back in the late 90s I realized I had privilege and did not have privilege. How is such a thing possible? A good question given how we’ve Buddha Lives in Versailles & Dog Dung Writing A man plays an accordion in a traditional Bistro. Shot with an iPhone 6. Paris exists as a city of wild contradictions. Versailles, the Louvre, The Viewfinder Writing Consider the lowly viewfinder. I often don’t. And I think my photography suffers for it. Too often I just snap at what is in front of me and forget A Confederate Flag Flew from a Northern House Writing On a recent daily morning walk, Ms. H. and I discovered a house around the corner from us flying a two-sided, U.S./Confederate flag. We live in a A FtM in a Pink-Ruffled Shirt Drives Into a Truck Stop Writing Photo by Jeff Turner (Santa Clarita, CA) Late last year, I began the process of submitting several non-fiction pieces to top- and middle-tiered Narcissism, Humility and Juiciness Writing Author Teju Cole I’ve often thought how I might have easily become a narcissist. I’m not being hyperbolic, either. Without trying I can make Are You a Book Marker? Writing After delaying for a very long time, I began reading Lydia Davis’ translation of Proust’s Swann’s Way (In Search of Lost Time) and with my trusty InTouch Magazine is OutofTouch, and So Are We Writing InTouch magazine found Bruce Jenner’s gender presentation terrifying enough they had to photoshop lipstick and a scarf on his face. (I use the The Right to Cause Offense Writing As both a publisher and author, various opinion pieces regarding the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the right to cause offense continue to rivet me. Racial Sadist or Father of American Gynecology Writing Can we not live with paradox? My research of Dr. Marion J. Sims, discoverer of the first successful method of vesico-vaginal fistula repair and, at Read Better, Write Better Writing For the rare writer who asks “how do I become better?” I believe reading difficult books, harder than we are used to, can make us better writers. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Writing A brilliant concept, well-executed. Sonder moved me to tears. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows haunts like Moby-Dick Open City, by Teju Cole Writing A densely written novel with little action but tremendous awareness of one human being’s self-understanding or lack thereof. A devotion to art and The Forever Internet and Our Digital Identities Writing ] Then the internet was new. In the blush of coming out, I’m sure I posted regrettable material back in 1996 when I got my AOL account. And I had Limits and Having a Thing for the Blue Suit Writing I have been obsessed with men’s clothing for as long as I can remember. The snazzy men’s clothing in the now defunct Montgomery Ward’s catalogues Transgender Memoir: The Ever-Present Memory Writing On some days I’m convinced being a transsexual is the least complicated thing about me. I can explain my genitalia. My grandfather’s murder, that I Masculinity and the Feminism of Simplicity, Part Two Writing Masculinity and masculine roles - and by extension, feminine roles - are interwined with earning a salary or wage. A man is a man if he earns enough Masculinity and the Feminism of Simplicty, Part One Writing The latest NYTimes Magazine article tells us that the opt-out generation, the generation of women reaching the first stages of their peak earning Fiction Friday: Rubyfruit Jungle Writing A few weeks back I asked our Homofactus Press newsletter subscribers what books they might list on an all-time greatest lgbt literature list. I also Transsexual stories: You can’t have a hysterectomy! Writing Transsexual stories are often filled with pain. I’m no different. But I’ve also participated in interactions that are touching and funny. In an Trans Publishing Writing Trans publishing was the focus of the first business plan I wrote for what later became Homofactus Press. I had envisioned a publishing company A Transsexual Man Dresses Himself Writing Yesterday I wrote to my newsletter friends how difficult I find it to excavate the joy beneath the shame I feel about my body. A friend responded I Sex and Chronic Illness Writing “The stereotype of the PWD (person with a disability) as asexual or as sexually unappealing is fairly clobbered.” So says Jennifer Clare Burke There is No Try Writing The great sage Yoda reminded me there is no try. Do or do not. Over the last three weeks I have begun a steady change in my behavior. I am tempted Manners: Those Pesky Pronouns Writing Manners get a bad rap, I think. American informality gets confused with poor behavior. Manners are really about making other people feel comfortable Memory and Imagination in Memoir Writing Patricia Hampl’s memoir A Romantic Education represents an ambitious, difficult but ultimately rewarding meditation on the role of imagination and A Day of Rest and Thanks Writing Windows open. Breezes blow throughout the house. Moxie sits in her semi-Buddha posture on the couch. Renaissance music fills the air via WRCJ. Birds Fun Friday - ? Writing What did Ms H and I do for 3 1/2 hours today? In the Motor City metro area? More tomorrow Me and the Rain Writing The rain was fine. The trees, however, the ones hanging out into mixed use paths, the ones I had to head butt my way through, those tree limbs were I Used to Give Up Writing The photo above is a shot of the left-side crank arm spindle. These are found on vintage bicycles. I am restoring a 30-year-old frame to teach The Immorality of Messiness Writing I saw, finally, how much mess I had created over the last year, I realized in a moment of clarity I have no right to create and leave messes. Washing by Hand and Other Vacation Adventures Writing (photo by yours truly at babo cafe) Time distortion - going to sleep when I’m tired and getting out of bed when I’m ready - constitutes full-blown Why Not Wash the House by Hand Writing Tomorrow: Why I decided and how I am washing the exterior of the house by hand First Summer Pie Writing Ms. H made me strawberry rhubarb pie from scratch, with rhubarb from our farm share. I had two pieces and will probably have two tomorrow Dis/connected Writing Disconnected from face-to-face human communication is the theme of the movie entitled, not surprisingly, Disconnect. The movie is so-so. I had Relaxation Writing at the beginning of a stay-at-home vacation is always difficult for me. I find I want to do the many things around the house that need to The Plague of Plagiarism Writing The plague of plagiarism has again struck the United Kingdom poetry communities with the revelations of British poet David Morgan plagiarizing a Cleaning Windows Writing Cleaning windows is a ritual I attempt at least once a year. With clean windows I can see more clearly how the outside constructs the inside and On Rejection and Moby-Dick, Expanded Writing (artwork found here) Rejection and Moby-Dick seem to have little in common,unless we discuss how many of us in high school rejected reading Gratitudes: Paella With Friends Writing Our table is set for two couples and is over home made paella. I love opening our home to friends and sharing a meal with caring and intelligent Radical Acceptance: The Universe is in Us Writing Astounding words from the incomparable Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. After watching this video, I walked around town on my lunch and said to each Gratitudes: The Value of Waiting Writing Today I realized the value of waiting. I’ve tried on a variety of hobbies in my life: welding, woodworking and some others I can’t remember. Last If It Weren’t For the Last Minute Writing If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done. I’ve lived my life by this motto for all of my life, actually. Even with Ms. Who Owns Social Justice? Writing I’ve come to believe that the Left in the U.S. believes it owns the term social justice. All social justice work has come to mean work that is What’s My Gender, Again? Part Two Writing What’s my gender, again? received a great comment (please read the initial comment and my response, then come back here!), which set me to thinking Setting My Own Style Agenda Writing Setting my own style agenda is something I’ve thought about every day for years. Even as a child, a preschooler in fact, I would peruse the most I Suppose I am a Grown-Up Man, Now Writing This year is my seventeenth year on hormones, my seventeenth year as consciously living as a man. A friend who knew me seventeen years ago, who saw Giving Up Coffee, Almost Writing During the food poisoning from hell a few weeks back, I found it impossible to drink coffee. For someone who became a heavy coffee drinker in What’s Underneath Writing Decay presents opportunities to find what’s underneath. Decaycreminds me of the natural cycle of all things. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Everyone Was a Child Once Writing (Photo credit.) Everyone was a child once. This thought overtook me this morning on the bus on the way to work. So I went with the thought and How Can I Make Today the Best Day of My Life? Writing (Photo: Power Of Light by Nat Sakunworarat) How can I make today the best day of my life is a question I’ve only recently begun asking myself. Every My first year in transition Writing My jaw dropped when I found this photo as I hunted for another photo. So young. So much hair! I was about 32 or 33 when The Art of Doing Nothing Writing The art of doing nothing is helped by a culture where food and relaxation are seen as cultural goals. In the summer of 2011, Ms. H and I travelled The Aim of Life Writing The aim of life is to live, says Henry Miller. “Strange as it may seem today to say, the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware Dreams of a Life Writing is an impressive film about the life of Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman who died in a bedsit (American equivalent: studio apartment Time and Money Equals Why I Won’t Buy a $30,000 Car Writing As have many couples, I’m sure, Ms. H and I have professed to one another how we believe the other is the most important facet of our lives. And now Today We Recycled the New Telephone Book Writing Today we recycled the new telephone book. We didn’t even open it. This version was a beleaguered stepchild of the gargantuan books of my childhood: It’s My Job to Pick Up the Trash Writing It’s my job to pick up the trash. After years of claiming to be a social justice activist, I cannot expect to end oppression if I expect other Random Acts of Kindness in a Pink, Ruffled Shirt Writing is another excerpt in my memoir. To read other excerpts, please go here. _________________________ Naps are Fantastic Writing Naps are fantastic. I love them and look forward to taking them. Naps on the weekend are a necessity for me. Throughout my working life I’ve been On Disorganization, or When Things Get Away From Us Writing Disorganization reigned supreme for this morning. I destroyed two hours of my life energies searching for a file I needed. A file I should have Casey Legler - A Female Male Model Writing Her own relationship with fashion has always been complex. At age 13, she had already almost reached her full height (6 ft. 2 in.) and began Uncleared Curb Cuts Writing Uncleared curb cuts offered me a lesson last week. Walking down Geddes to Gallup Park I trekked over numerous cleared sidewalks with snow covered The Gym Terrified Me Writing The gym terrified me during early transition. I imagined all bio men walking around naked in the gym with their bits hanging out. Under these Parker Mill County Park Writing called to us today, and so we went. The sun shone as we drank our coffee. But by the time we got ready to leave, snow Writing Historical Memory and Responsibility Writing Writing and reading a memoir can offer opportunities for the author to find greater self-awareness and self-understanding. One hopes that the Who Decides Who is Trans? Writing Trans, a word not used in the news article about Elizabeth Rudavsky and Angelo Heddington, gets mentioned frequently in the comments at Queerty. Gender Paradox, An Excerpt, Part 4 Writing Gender Paradox: A Life is the title of my memoir. Below is the first part of a four part excerpt. I look forward to your feedback in the comments, Gender Paradox: A Life, An Excerpt, Part 3 Writing Gender Paradox: A Life is the title of my memoir. Below is the first part of a four part excerpt. I look forward to your feedback in the comments, Gender Paradox: A Life, An Excerpt, Part 2 Writing Gender Paradox: A Life is the title of my memoir. Below is the first part of a four part excerpt. I look forward to your feedback in the comments, Gender Paradox: A Life, an Excerpt, Part 1 Writing Gender Paradox: A Life is the title of my memoir. Below is the first part of a four part excerpt. I look forward to your feedback in the comments, Gratitude as a Political Practice Writing Gratitude lists have become something I attempt to create every so often. Once I even tried to write a gratitude list every day for thirty days. Our New Kitteh: Moxie writing About three weeks ago we brought home a new kitteh, Moxie. As you can see, she color coordinates well with the rug in my office. Moxie absolutely Lessons Learned From a Bucket Writing A bucket taught me a lot this past Saturday. I had imagined myself as someone who cares for the things in his life, especially when he vowed to buy Rosanne Cash Writing Ms. H. and I saw Rosanne Cash at Hill Auditorium in 2010. I had not wanted to see her but Ms. H. did, so I went, reluctantly. She performed songs The R-Word Writing The r-word gets used a lot to disparage the perceived intelligence of some people. People with bodies that look different - apparently - from the Preparation Equals Safety Writing Preparation equals safety, which means there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation. Well, I forgot that important fact this morning. The Day My Gender Failed Writing I realized becoming a man became something I neither expected nor wanted. But this thing I neither wanted nor expected embeds itself into Ypsilanti: A Winter’s Sunday Squash Writing What do we do on a cold feels-like-one-degree day in January? Bake and cook squash, that’s what we do. To stay warm, mostly. And save money for the Radical Acceptance: Our Time Here on Earth Writing We are all haiku- only here for seventeen syllables, three lines Ypsilanti: CBC Radio 2 Writing When I flaneur I often have music playing in my head. From childhood music has played an integral role in my overall sense of well-being. Without, I Gratitudes: For Ms. H. Writing We’re the best partners this world’s ever seen Together as close as can be But sometimes it’s hard to find time in between To tell you what you mean Intentional Practice: What Roads Uplanned Await You? Writing http://vimeo.com/raphafilms/knock-for-knock Intentional practice means pursuing the paths that chance throws our way. This video bears watching a Little Somethings: There is No Age Limit for Riding Writing The Massif Central, whilst unknown to many, could be described as the heart and soul of France. Made up of nearly twenty départements including the Gratitudes: I’m an Idiot Some of the Time Writing Earlier this year, I bought an Electra Townie at Sweet Bikes in Livonia, Michigan. For years I’ve desired to bike to and from work. Sitting at my Transition is Hard Writing Such a thing could never happen, right No Hope, No Fear: On Radical Acceptance Writing Fear occurs when I fixate on a future of bad outcomes. Hope occurs when I fixate on a future of good outcomes. Both fixations indicate I cannot On Radical Acceptance: We Waste our Existence Writing Try replacing the word “time” with the word “existence.” Or think of “time” as a linguistic scapegoat, sacrificed in substitution of this truth: we Growing is Forever, and Thank the Goddess for That Writing I am currently involved in projects at Homofactus Press and my day job that have me reviewing past projects. All I can think to, and do, say is Radical Acceptance: The Worst Betrayal Writing The worst betrayal, walking out on oneself. This tree doesn’t though, walk out on it itself, it does what it is supposed to do and follows it heart Gratitudes: Snow Storming, Julie London and Perfidia Writing After watching “In the Mood for Love” a few weeks ago, I leapt down the rabbit hole that is the interwebs to discover and dwell in the bolero. I Intentional Practice: Regret Analysis Writing Life is a laboratory. In life, as in science, it is important for us to recall, respect, and learn from our negative results. Those who cannot Ypsilanti: Archictectural Ruins at Gault Village Shopping Center Writing Yesterday we walked by the mangled remains of the old Kmart Department store, Gault Village Shopping Center. Mold infested and abandoned for the Novel Writing: Completion Writing For the first twenty-three days of November I wrote more words than in the previous two years, more than 51,000 words, actually. As part of national Novel Writing: Hard Focus Writing Cal Newport at Study Hacks writes about the value of hard focus to achieve anything worthwhile. He quotes from Haruki Murakami’s memoir What I Talk Intentional Practice: Constrained Choices, or The Work Uniform Writing Tie: Grenadine by Drakes of London/Shirt: John Nordstrom/Sweater: Ralph Lauren I’ve pondered constraining my clothing choices of late. In the act of Novel Writing: The Novel Outline Writing I’m well on my way with writing manuscript I’m calling “My First Novel.” Scrivner is the software I’m using. I’m almost 10% towards my goal of Radical Acceptance: With the Power Out, A Pencil Is In Writing The power went out in our building this morning. No email. No internet. No computers. No computing. I remember a time when, without power, I could Radical Acceptance: What to Do When the Me That I Was Isn’t the Me I Am, Anymore, or Regeneration Writing Gwen Bell offers a list of 7 Observations about Regeneration. Number 3 shot an arrow straight to my heart: ….Things leave your system, and then you Intentional Practice: Personal Guidelines Writing A few emerging guidelines I intend to practice in my daily life. I say guidelines, rather than rules, to suggest an openness to reformulating as International Practice: Large Cash Purchases and Final Choices Writing I know I think about money differently now. Ms. H. said to me this evening, “six months ago spending 295.00 on something would not have been a topic Radical Acceptance: My Fear of Hunger Writing Hunger frightens me. I don’t know, really, what I feel like hungry. I don’t know, really, whether I eat out of boredom or hunger. I don’t know, Gratitudes: Confessions of a Feminist Nutritionist Writing From the incomparable Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, trans-positive feminist, scholar and the web’s leading proponent of women and weightlifting at Gratitudes: A Glorious Fall Day Writing The lush blue sky, red and yellow - and still a hint of green - maple and oak leaves and one tree that has let everything go, resplendent Why I Write Writing Excerpted from my daily writing: I don’t remember ever wanting to write until I began to transition into manhood. The need to explain myself to Radical Acceptance: My Work - Novel Writing Writing Today I added a new category to this website: novel writing. Last month I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to Bad Weather is Bad Preparation Writing Today it has rained all day, with nice windy gusts, too. Here’s what weather.com has to say about our Midwest weather: Strong winds and rain will Web Realignment: Then and Now Writing These are screen grabs of my old site, the one I trashed. Compared to the space I am creating now, the older one feels loud to me. The use of the Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub, Part 2 Writing I am currently passionate about releasing the many accumulated computer applications, online digital accounts, clothes, art supplies and other stuff Intentional Practice: Goodbye to All That iPhone Email writing Activating 2-step verification for my gmail account as a result of reading about how one woman’s gmail account got hacked (hat tip to Gwen Bell for Web Realignment: Feeling Naked or the Beginner’s Mind Writing All my old posts have been moved from the wordpress archive to the wordpress trashcan. From 1700+ comments, I now have one. From over 800 posts, I Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub Writing Despite thinking about myself all the time, I have a hard time writing my About page. As I was writing in my journal this came out: At some level I Radical Acceptance: Being Here Now, The Hater Edition Writing “Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” ~ James Joyce Yesterday morning, I reduced to one all the iphone apps I used to read while Gratitudes: F.R. Writing My shout out today goes to Ms. F. R. I met her several years ago here in Ann Arbor. Later she moved to her dream city of N.Y. I think of her as my Catalogues: Assets Writing Filed under: Essential/Lifegiving Ms. H. put this ring on my finger May 1, 2004 while we sat in a canary yellow convertible mustang at the window of Death is Very Likely the Single Best Invention of Life Writing Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new A Transsexual Death Writing I am writing this and my hands are cold. My feet are touching the ground and my left thumb is sore from so much fingering on the iphone. A little Gratitudes: Ms. H. Writing My shout out for today is for Ms. H., my truest lovely one, companion, friend, lover, heart-felt world explorer and confident. To say that she has Little Somethings: The Lost Kingdoms of Africa Writing (With this entry I begin an occasional piece where I share a little something that I find fascinating that I want to share with you. As part of my Gratitudes: Hugh McLeod Writing One of the facts of building and maintaining a website are the countless numbers of people who support me. As part of my website realignment, I Website Realignment: What the Heck are These Transgender Cartoons Doing in my Life, Part 2 Writing Part One is here. In fairness to me, I also didn’t practice. I preferred to draw whatever I wanted and publish it, regardless of quality or theme. I Website Realignment: What the Heck are these Transgender Cartoons Doing in my Life?, Part 1 Writing I began cartooning as a consequence of the rage and frustration I felt that existed on the interwebz back in 2006. Half a decade is like a Star Trek Radical Acceptance: Clothing Writing So many things to write about. Money, for example. I see my mind jumping from object to object to object. Objects dismissed in the past as not my Creativity: My First Story Book Writing In May I completed my first story for the Art House Coop, the virtual extension of the Brooklyn Art Library. We were allowed to choose a topic for Intentional Practice: Nothing to Say About Anything Writing So I’ve begun meditating again. Just ten minutes a day, in the morning. I attempt to count each breath seven times. That’s it. In my life to date, Gratitudes: Writing Everyday Writing Just two weeks ago I began writing 750 words a day using 750words.com, designed by Buster Benson. Through it, and the writing everyday, I found a Early Morning Ritual Writing I awoke at 5:00 a.m. to rain and Ms. H. I follow my intention from yesterday, written in my journal, that I will begin to make space in my life for If You Accept Death, Fear Disappears Writing I’ve often pondered what I would do if I had three months left to live my life. Phillip Gould, former spin doctor for the Labour Party, describes in Radical Acceptance: Embrace Actions Not Expectations Writing In my journal I recently wrote that I do NOT want to make my living as a writer full-time. Nothing spectacular in those words, except that I’ve had My Eulogy Writing I received a question in my inbox this morning. If I wrote my own eulogy, what would it say? I don’t do enough work around my own death. There is Making Myself Irrelevant Writing May we exist like a lotus, at home in muddy water. Thus we bow to life as it is. Charlotte Joko Beck I recently blank slated this site as a On Excavating My Own Heart Writing Of late I’ve returned to the cushion, where each day (though not every day) I sit for ten minutes and count my breaths. I count seven breaths (one The Odds of Being Human, On Gratitude Writing Today at work through all the busy-ness, I pondered the odds of me being born human, then the odds of me being born in america, then the odds of me This Breath, or Why Change is Hard Writing For several years I’ve been caught up in feeling bad about myself. After getting sucked into buying more than a few ebooks by internet blogging Finding Peace Within Writing Today I’ve pondered what does peace look like for me when I am at war within myself? I know there is a correlation between sitting and simply On Saying Nothing Writing Today I have much on my mind yet not much to say, or so it seems. On August 30, I was asked to experiment writing every day in this space. I Managing the Irrelevant Writing A good friend today described managing Twitter and Facebook as “staying on top of the irrelevant.” Bingo. Much of my online life has been spent The FtM Thinks He Can Buy His Masculinity Writing You can’t buy your way into the workingclasses. No matter how much money you spend. “But what about the $300.00 1930s inspired work shirt I just Do You Make This Mistake as an FtM? Writing Joe didn’t realize his oft repeated transition story elicited boredom. Indeed, how many of don’t realize this until it’s too late Visit the Doctor Like a World-Class Trannie Writing It’s a privilege to know that medical staff won’t refuse to treat you because your gender & genitalia match An FtM’s Dilemma Writing My packing dildo fell out of my pants. Do I pick it up, look at it and display mock disgust or walk away like I don’t even see it? And if I leave Side Effects Include: Enhanced White Privilege Writing (I was asked by Gabe Javier, the fantastic editor of the Coming Out Magazine published by The Spectrum Center, to contribute to this year’s issue. Archives Writing Do not edit this page You Know Your Wife is Devoted When… Writing [Note: One man in this cartoon says “Your dick is nice” to a man. The man responds, “Thanks, my wife made it.”] I recently came across this version Where’s the Privilege? Writing Doing my part to uphold the binary gender system! [Note: Panel 1 and Panel 2 are meant to go together. In order ;-P] [Update May 21, 2007: I will be Too Small Writing [Click on the image to enlarge/print/download, etc. This cartoon is free, etc.] Self-Publishing - Part 3 Writing ](http://www.jaysennett.com/flaneuring/corktown-detroit/attachment/img_0272-2/) Don’t try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether This