Gratitudes: The Value of Waiting

Today I realized the value of waiting. I’ve tried on a variety of hobbies in my life: welding, woodworking and some others I can’t remember.

Last summer I caught the bicycle commuter fever. By summer’s end, I had moved into bicycle reconstruction. That attitude suited me well, since I developed two flat tires on my Electra Townie within about two weeks. When a tire goes flat more than once, then it typically means there is sharp debris imbedded in the tire, which, if not removed, continues to puncture the tube.

I had that problem. So I finally got up enough courage to take the rear wheel off. I purchased a new tire and hung it next to my Townie.

And there the Townie stayed, locked into a Park Tools bike stand. For the entire fall. And winter.

During the fall and winter, I don’t recall thinking too much about how to reinstall the tire over the tube and then reset the bead next to the wheel rim. But I kept avoiding the task, even as the weather warmed. I tried commuting from work on my Raleigh C700, but I’m too out of shape for her quite yet.

So today I got disgusted with myself. I finally walked out to the garage, got the tube and the tire, watched a few youtube videos (how did we ever learn anything without youtube??) and then got down to the task at hand.

And so I learned the value of waiting. The intimidation I felt last fall was gone. I knew I could reseat the tire. It might take me awhile - and it did - but I did prevail. I then filled the tube with air and off I went for a quick spin around the block.

The value of waiting lies in some magic process - or so I tell myself - where the brain works through the task in a subconscious manner. Then, when the time is right, reveals to the conscious mind how effortless everything will be.It helped I had become disgusted with my simpering fear. It is a bicycle after all. There isn’t much I could do to it except bust another tube. Oh well. I was also motivated by not wanting to pay someone a couple of twenties to do something I knew I could do.

I’m grateful I waited. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment today. I also learned I should trust myself more. If I don’t want to do something, maybe I’m not procrastinating. Maybe my mind is working through everything and will let me know when I can move forward.

So I say there is value in waiting.