Transgender Gender Revolt (Nsfw Version)

Do Mess With Gender

Way back in 2010 I created a website called Revolutionize Your Gender.

I had wanted to disseminate slogans that made us transgender people feel fabulous while also causing nontransgender people to question their own gender, if only for just a little bit.

gender revolt manifesto written by Jay Sennett

This design was part of a series I created. As I work through old wordpress drafts I will see if I can publish some of the other slogans I created.

The gender revolt manifesto was the all-encompassing, master slogan design document of this effort.

At the time, I lacked the stubbornness to see the project through to a better, different place. I suffer from shiny chicken syndrome. The new and shiny will always draw me away from the old and boring. This is a theme that runs through my adult life, though I did change my gender, which in retrospect represents a significant contribution.

The slogans still seem applicable today, which may or may not be a good thing.