Transgender and Bisexual Solidarity

I Can’t Believe I Forgot to Change My Sexual Orientation

Biphobia runs rampant in gay and lesbian communities.

Lesbians desert their bisexual friends, women they used to hang with when said women dated a woman, when they begin dating a man.

Gay men think bisexual men just need the right man to come out.

Why do people struggle with bisexuality?

There’s the old canard about a bisexual leaving their spouse for an entire gender. Oh, she’ll leave me for a man.”

Or the myth that bisexuals can’t be monogamous or they are more sexual.


I have found great solidarity and comfort with bisexual people. Besides the fact that we were once last in the old lgbt abbreviation, bisexual people understand what it’s like to labor under the cudgel of choice, a club carved out of fear.

Choose an orientation. Choose a community. Choose a gender.

Bisexuality is a valid choice. Full stop.

The cartoon above I drew more than a dozen years ago. Can you tell from how poorly drawn it is?!?

My sarcastic sense of humor already peeks through, a style I would pursue through many of my cartoons.