If You’re Transgender, Are You Unnatural?

Deep shadow in the snow

Bright sun on a winter day. Shot with a Ricoh GR2.

People opposed to transgender rights resurrect the not-natural panic defense. You know the one.

Transsexuals are unnatural!” or God made two genders only!”

When people opposed to transgender throw down these phrases, they are toting big guns. Woman as Womb! Gaia as Mother! Woman as Nurture! Science is Bad! God is Great!


I have a few clarifying questions for these people.

Do you use a phone? Check.

A toilet piped into a sewer line? Check.

A car? Bike? Public transportation? Check. Check. and Check.

That’s kind of unnatural, don’t you think?

If we’re going to go natural, we ought to stand outside, yell really loudly, hoping our Grandma in Poughkeepsie will hear us. Then we should take a dump in the back yard and walk from wherever to Poughkeepsie to visit Grandma.

That’s natural.

People opposed to transgender rights are just as unnatural as I am.

Yes, we choose to modify our bodies, our pronouns, our names, our lives.

They do, too. All the time.

The insulin they take for diabetes, the vitamins and herbal extractions they ingest for health, the performance-enhanced running shoes they wear for weight loss, all body modifications.

Antibiotics, tetanus shots, cholesterol-reducing drugs, Vicodin, Valium, all modifications.

Trans-haters change their names. Trans-haters change their bodies, too.

A nip and tuck or hair color or pierced ears are but different types of body modification.

Either we’re all unnatural or none of us are. Vomiting out hypocrisy won’t change that fact.

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