Limits Limit Me

Limits limit me. This should not surprise me but it does. Two paths I have followed to this realization. Last week I installed Rescue Time on my computer. I knew I had been wasting time - a lot of time - on my computer and wanted to focus on my writing.

With rescue time installed and a goal of writing for at least one hour per weekday, I pushed myself through my self-imposed writing limits. I can write 1000 words in about 35 minutes. But with the goal of writing for one hour in place, I had to push through my own limits to reach the goal. In pushing through my limits I found greater depth in my writing. Without pushing through my limits, I don’t think I would have found that depth.

The second path I have been following focuses on body movement for at least one hour every day. Some days I’ve pushed that goal to two or two and one-half hours per day. Pushing through those limits I find I am stronger and more energetic.

I’m learning holding back just makes me enervated. My self-imposed limits work to make me tired, angry and whiny. I suppose I can be limitless, in my own way.