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Do the Work Before the Work Does You In Jul 5, 2019 scribbler's paradise Here’s the thing: I am a published author and co-owner of a publishing company and know a few things about writing; rewriting; rejection; not How to Write 1.2 Million Words a Year Nov 15, 2018 Scribblers Paradise Erle Stanley Gardner, originator of the 20th century America’s favorite lawyer Perry Mason, wrote like a fiend on speed. His output as a Caveat Scriptor: Let the Writer Beware Nov 10, 2018 Scribblers Paradise Writing day after day after requires focus, discipline and physical exertion. The ease with which I can distract myself from these behaviors Scribbler’s Paradise Nov 9, 2018 Scribblers Paradise Here’s the thing: I am a published author and co-owner of a publishing company. I know about writing. I know rewriting. I know about rejection. I Writing In and Out Images Nov 6, 2018 Scribblers Paradise I’m working on a novel and mostly working on understanding what the heck I’ve gotten myself into. Long a nonfiction author, I had believed the shift Scribbler’s Paradise: 100% Effort Nov 4, 2018 Scribblers Paradise 0% expectations. 100% effort.  Can I write this way, always? Never think about who might read my words? Never worried about whether I’m good enough? When a Beta Reader Says No Nov 1, 2018 Scribblers Paradise The manuscript, a second volume of my ongoing memoir series, was done and sent to my beta readers. I felt so proud, constructing essays using some Do I Write What I Want to Read? Oct 3, 2018 Scribbler's Paradise The words read flatly and stunk out loud. A kind of slow-moving gloom descended over me. What had happened to this essay? I worked on it for weeks Five Reasons Why You Should Write to Your Loved Ones Apr 4, 2017 Scribbler's Paradise A woman in front of a delivery truck shot with a Canon 60D while pulling focus. How many words I have written, yet none to my beloved or Creativity is a Marathon Oct 17, 2016 Scribbler's Paradise One of the challenges of living a creative life arises after the initial thrill of creating disappears. How do we keep the work interesting to On Change and Self-Management Oct 10, 2016 Scribbler's Paradise On June 30, 2016, after 12.5 years of employment at my local public university, my unit dissolved my position and set me free. The likelihood I Wanted: Intuition Oct 3, 2016 Scribbler's Paradise Today I plead with each you to follow your intuition. The voice that wakes you at 1:00 am and urges to write an important character sketch; or the This One Trick is at the Heart of Writing Dec 14, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise In her book, Imaginative Writing, Janet Burroway states, “There is a simple trick at the heart of imaginative writing.” Read the following Verb Tense and Writing Fiction Dec 7, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Verb tense is a very important tool in the writer’s toolbox. Will you write in the present simple and continuous? The past simple? Both? Verb tense One Cool Trick to Shift Points of View Nov 12, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise photo by Will White Shifting between different points of view requires skill. This is something of a truism in writing. There are many who try and These 3 Words Will Improve Your Writing Guaranteed Nov 5, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Todd VanDerWeff makes a brilliant case for why most writing fails. We too often use “and then” as the connective tissue in a story. Riffing off of Writing Exercise, or Journalism Nov 1, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise From the 3:00 AM Epiphany (More exercises here.) Journalism. Write part of a story in the form of journal entries. Everything that happens in the On Proper Word Choice Oct 29, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Learning to write is learning to make a series of choices. Which point of view, tense, genre and other decisions are ones we must make as we write We, The Narrators - Buddha in the Attic Oct 26, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise photo by Will White Julie Otsuka’s Buddha in the Attic tells the story of Japanese picture brides. Women emigrated from Japan to America in the What is Writing Practice? Oct 12, 2015 scribbler's paradise A friend of mine is an internationally renowned jazz trombonist and a professor of music. He shared recently a set of trombone practice drills for You, The Narrator and Participant - Sebastopol Sketches Oct 8, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise photo by Will White Don’t believe anyone who thinks the second-person point-of-view began with Bright Lights, Big City. Well before McInerny was The Art of Revision Oct 5, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise All writing is rewriting. We must find a revision process that works for us. Over time we may adopt or more strategies that make us create the best Writing Exercise, or The Unreliable Third Oct 1, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise From Brian Kitely’s The 3:00 A.M. Epiphany: Write a fragment of a story from the POV of an unreliable narrator — third person You and She, The Narrators - A Hybrid Form Sep 28, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise photo by Will White Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is a coming-of-age story using an unusual hybrid point of view. Unlike a The Big O: Mohsin Hamid Sep 24, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise “Glasgow Association of Observation and Curiosity” by Michael Gallacher Original detail distinguishes an average writer from a good one. An average Do This Exercise, or The Imperative Sep 21, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise In this exercise, we explore a tool Lorrie Moore used in Self-Help, the imperative. From Brian Kitely’s The 3:00 am Epiphany. Write a fragment of a You, The Narrator - Self-Help Sep 17, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Flickr / Sophia Louise Lorrie Moore writes brilliantly in the second person in Self-Help, her first collection of short stories. Her style and tone You, The Narrator - Bright Lights, Big City Sep 14, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise As part of the point of view (POV) series, we will review the second-person point of view. Second-person POV uses the pronoun You. You can be Point of View in Writing Sep 10, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise photo by Will White Point-of-View (POV) is a grammatical position through which you choose to tell a story. I say grammatical as a way to Ursula Le Guin’s Advice: There Are No Recipes Aug 20, 2015 scribbler's paradise Image by Flood. The process of rewriting can be difficult. When you have loved a particular essay as much as I have loved the one I am now Reading Exercise: The How of Language Aug 17, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Sentences from Lord of the Rings The how of language, argues Sven Birkets, is the sentence. [1. Sven Birkets, “What Remains,” AGNI Magazine, 69, How to Read Like a Writer Aug 13, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise The moment when you’re reading a book…by Mendak When we read like a writer, we read to learn about how to write better. Yes, we may read for Writing Exercise: The Reluctant I Aug 10, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise The “3 A.M. Epiphany” offers a wealth of writing exercises. Author Brian Kitely writes “This book is a collection of fiction exercise instructions The Big O is What It’s All About Aug 6, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise “Glasgow Association of Observation and Curiosity” by Michael Gallacher The use of original detail can be a sign of evolution for a writer. The red Are You Creating Easy or Creating Well? Aug 3, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Writing well seems to me to be about all the small choices I make throughout the day.[1. See the website of James Clear. His writing and research How I Got More Out of My Writing Process Jul 30, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise I’ve tried every cure for consistent writing I’ve read about. The lure of quality has satisfied me enough, at least for this long while. Why bother Why You Should Copy Other Writers May 18, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise I am adding this practice to my writer’s toolbox. I Got Hacked, Part 2 Mar 31, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Getting hacked has been a tiring but rewarding experience. Absurd, yes? Let me explain. I have spent my entire adult life learning how to be more I Got Hacked Mar 30, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Do you have security style? I don’t. Late last week I discovered my personal site here had been hacked. Because I am the dumbest website Toni Morrison & Angela Davis - The Purpose of Freedom Mar 26, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise I am reminded of the tremendous work Morrison accomplished as an editor at Random House. During her tenure she published Toni Cade Bambara and Twenty-Five Cent Words Mar 25, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Reviewing another writer’s work is a great responsibility. One of the greatest ones, I think, is my responsibility as a reviewer to understand what Toni Morrison & Alice Walker - There are Only Black People Mar 24, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise “I never asked Tolstoy to write for me, a little colored girl in Lorain, Ohio. I never asked [James] Joyce not to mention Catholicism or the world The Duty of an Artist Mar 23, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise The incomparable Nina Simone on the duty of an artist. “How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” Do you agree or disagree? Diary of a Wave Outside the Sea - Dunya Mikhail Mar 21, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise “Mazin bends his head to the table and cries. His niece in Baghdad has been kidnapped. She is twenty years old. Masked men surrounded her and pulled 3 A.M. Epiphany - A Great Writing Tool Jan 23, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Three A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley provides me with numerous opportunities to work on my writing skills. He groups exercises around topics like Duotrope for Better Writing Management Jan 16, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise Duotrope is a tool ($50.00/year) I use to track journal submissions. While I found the interface difficult to understand as a beginning user, I Going Pro (Or I’m a Real Writer) Jan 15, 2015 Scribbler's Paradise 2014 brought significant changes to my writing and my self-image as a writer. In mid-summer I enrolled in a Creative Nonfiction class called Terror Points the Way to Writing Fiction Aug 22, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise nts-the-way-to-writing-fiction/ Is it providentially imprudent to begin a fiction career at my fifth decade? Terror points the way to writing Gratitude: Not Being Able to Write Aug 1, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise I have started and stopped three different blog entries today. Each one I stopped, disgusted with myself that I could not find the words to complete It All Started With A Google Search Jun 26, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise It’s Google’s fault. Reading Moby-Dick, I want to better understand this complicated, infuriating, wonderful book. I understand why critics argue it Mastery Takes a Very Long Time Jun 24, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Malcolm Gladwell’s oft quoted number says it takes 10,000 hours of practicing anything to become a master of it. I suppose that is true. Based on my A Me Beyond Me Jun 12, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Pushing myself beyond my limits has been a blast. While on staycation, I responded to a request to write periodic articles for a blog I read. Nice Pursuing Goals I’ve Created May 13, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Pursuing goals I’ve created as always been a challenge. I have found it easy to create many goals over my adult lifetime. I have always struggled to Intentional Practice: Creating a Framework for Good Habits May 6, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Creating a framework for good habits has eluded me for sometime. I work at doing it. I create lists and rearrange my stuff. But, like so many right Rules for Creatives Apr 12, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise This graphic has some important rules for creatives, particularly the one about turning work into play. Henry Miller enjoined himself to work not Kids Mocking Adults Mar 27, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Kids mocking adults is neither the title nor the purpose of this video. The video is actually a book trailer for a book about “learn the secrets of They Always Want the Writer to Work for Nothing (NSFW) Mar 20, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Harlan Ellison’s most eloquent rant on why he demands payment from everyone. “They always want the writer to work for nothing. And the problem is Limits Limit Me Mar 17, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Limits limit me. This should not surprise me but it does. Two paths I have followed to this realization. Last week I installed Rescue Time on my The Adverb is Not Your Friend Mar 13, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise The adverb is not your friend. I have shared that advice with countless writers in my capacity as a publisher. Most of them understand what I am Novel Writing - The Understory Feb 14, 2013 Scribbler's Paradise Novel writing requires a complex set of skills ranging from plotting to dialogue to knowing everything that will happen on the page, before it Intentional Practice: Focus on the Growing Heap Jul 26, 2012 Scribbler's Paradise This video by Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project has been on my mind a lot lately. Reading from Erasmus, she describes the link between Tactics versus Strategy May 23, 2012 Scribbler's Paradise Everybody who does creative work has figured out how to deal with their own demons to get their work done. There is no evidence that setting up your