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A FtM in a Pink-Ruffled Shirt Drives Into a Truck Stop


Photo by Jeff Turner (Santa Clarita, CA)

I’m delighted to share with you some exciting news.

Late last year, I began the process of submitting several non-fiction pieces to top- and middle-tiered journals. The end result to date has been more rejections than acceptances and a whole lot of personal growth!

But, even with the near-unlikelihood of acceptance for all writers (something like 1%), I’ve had my first piece accepted.

A Pink-Ruffled Shirt Makes the Man has found a home at The Nervous Breakdown.

I’m thrilled, delighted and proud. In fact I can only feel more proud if you would be willing to take a few moments to read it. It’s flash non-fiction; less than 750 words to be exact.

Thank you for your support. Keep being creative.


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