Against Heteronormativity

Against Heteronormativity.JPG

Embedded with heteronormavity lies assumptions about the physical nature of heteronormative bodies.

They are, usually:

    1. Thin
    2. White
    3. Temporarily Able Bodied

I think anytime LGBTQ folks uphold queer images that contain some, or all, of the above physicalities, we recapitulate heteronormativity.

If we want to dismantle heteronormativity we must recognize queers living with physical, aural, visual, cognitive, and learning impairments. The so-called disability arises when we refuse to acknowledge their existance; or, acknowledging they exist, refuse to remove the barriers that keep them from fully participating in Queer TV shows, Pride Parades, Academic Conferences, Anthologies, Film Festivals, Etc.

Attitudes are the real disability and our unexamined assumptions are almost always heteronormative.