Apologizing for Your Race

I apologize for Timothy McVeigh

[Click on the cartoon to enlarge/print/download, etc. It’s free to use at any time.]

Please check out Women of Color Blog for many great links about the Virginia Tech massacre. My cartoon is inspired by our insidious need to ponder the executioner’s race in way we did not with the OK City murderer.

Curious. Serious case of assclown syndrome.


  1. Thanks for the amazing and thought provoking links Jay!

    Actually, for me at least, Timothy McVeigh’s race was a crucial element of his twisted ideology. As I recall, he was a militia-type; anti-government and and most likely a kind of white supremicist. He was inspired by the anti-Semitic and racistTurner Diaries_ , as I recall. The fact that he was a young white man, who was working-class, was crucial to his becoming this kind of right-wing hate idealogue and taking on his agenda of anti-government terrorism.

    Nonetheless, I think you are right that somehow, people are looking at the race of Cho in a different light — and some are drawing anti-immigrant conclusions. But what Cho did was completely and entirely “American”, it is an act usually done by white males, but this shows not only how assimilated he was, but how the “disease” has spread. The school shooting not long ago on an Indian reservation by a young Native man was indicative of the same thing, sadly. The “disease” of school shootings has spread and no one is exempt, no matter what our race is. We are all Americans in this together.

  2. Max,

    I agree with you on both points.

    That mainstream media outlets did not acknowledge McVeigh’s race in the way it is now obsessing over Cho’s race, for me, dovetails into your great point about Cho’s assimilation.

    By acknowledging Cho’s race, we are refusing to admit that Cho’s act was “completely and entirely ‘American.'” His acts are somehow “unamerican” because he is not white.

    But then McVeigh was white, but his acts were “out of the mainstream.”

    In both cases we deny the degree to which we refuse to acknowledge this disease.


  3. as a black woman, I used to get asked “what did I think” of Kobie Bryant? I’d ask right back: “what do you think of Scott Peterson?” They never understood what I was doing.

    So thank you for the cartoon! You seriously rock~!

  4. I officially apologize for George Walker Bush, and the damage he has done to the world because he is white and overprivileged.

    I don’t think we do enough to acknowledge the elitist attitudes and predilections of our thief-in-chief, many of which are born out of race and class privilege.

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