Bottom Surgery I.D. Checker

Is it Drop trou or Can I see your id

Forge Forward commissioned this cartoon. I’m here this weekend. Tonight I’m giving a keynote. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

P.S. – ‘Drop Trou’ is an expression used in trans communities that can mean one, to literally drop your trousers, but also has the connotation of feeling okay about one’s genitalia.


  1. Reader #7 reporting in. Your keynote was great and it’s great to meet a fellow Michigander, even if I had to go to Wisconsin to do so. Ass clown was definitely repeated and will continue to be a part of the vernacular as long as ass clowns exist. Thank you Jay!

  2. Joe,

    You are welcome!

    I’m glad to know another Michigander, though, it was indeed strange that we had to journey all the way to cheeselandia to meet each other…;-)

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