Curated Reading in Progressive Art & Culture • No. 1

Charlie Parker

How have you moved your art making forward this week?  Below are several things I think worth sharing about progressive art- and culture-making. Call this list Curated Reading in Progressive Art and Culture.

  1. Comedian Raneir Pollard wants to see more gay assassins in movies. He proceeds to show us how they will get the job done.
  2. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s eclectic musical tastes. Bowie, Back and Bebop: How Music Powered Basquiat discusses the Barbican’s exhibit about Basquiat’s relationship to music. Jazz loomed large in Basquiat’s creative pantheon. Music drives much of my creative process. How about you? 
  3. From McSweeney’s. List: If People Talked About Other Things the Way They Talk About Gender Identity.”

Curated Reading

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