Finding Peace Within

A color photo of a wooden path

Today I’ve pondered what does peace look like for me when I am at war within myself?

I know there is a correlation between sitting and simply focusing on my breath and a greater ease in my waking hours. But I can’t even count seven full breaths without my thoughts taking over. That is how quickly I lose peace within.

Then the war within begins again. I used to be frightened of that war. Now I see that war as a path to awe and wonder.

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  1. hey jay

    i’ve lost track of you over the last few years. your busy life, my insane (or perhaps inane) life…you know, it is what it is. touching base with you here.

    been reading the posts you’ve made on your deicsion to lessen (absent yourself from?) social media. that resonates greatly with me. i’ve taken up ATCs (artist trading cards) and making postcards. i’ve actually got some handwritten correspondence going on with folks. i find that those things allow me creative outlet and also strengthens my patience. what does it take, if not patience, to wait on the mail for a response in these days of instant communication. good, good stuff.

    if you’d be interested in sharing some handwritten correspondence, drop me an email. (yes, i do realize the irony of that statement) i’d be very happy to exchange missives with you. perhaps we can get caught up?


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