Gender Confirming Gender

Palm Tree

Your gender confirms their gender.

Their gender confirms your gender.

When you question your gender another person, either consciously or unconsciously, may choose to question their gender.

Their reaction can seem reflexive, freaking out as they do, telling you you’re wrong and/or you should or shouldn’t do what you want to do.

Their reaction belongs to them.

Even when they say with the utmost conviction you cause them distress, know with equal conviction they cause distress to themselves.

No one except our selves can make us uncalm, untoward or uncouth.

They drew the line, not you. When you share your plans and/or needs, their freak out arises from a deviation from their perfect gender thought.

They label the deviation bad instead of understanding what causes their discomfort, which is nothing more than a physiological reaction to a neurological impulse

They chose to drawn the line.

But they don’t see that they are both the drawer and the decider.

They probably aren’t in touch with their bodies very much So the heart palpations seem like a threat. You’re the threat. You’re the problem. So they think.

In coming out and/or revealing your plans and/or needs your gender no longer confirms a gender or transgender they labeled good.

Therefore because we all look to to one another to confirm gender the likelihood that one will decide your choices no longer confirm their choices is quite high and highly probable.

Do not react to their reaction. Breathe in ind out.

Namiste mutherfuckers and exit through the nearest door or window.