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Gratitude: Not Being Able to Write

I have started and stopped three different blog entries today. Each one I stopped, disgusted with myself that I could not find the words to complete any of them. On days like today, a day of many days of not writing, I forget to remember that writing is practice. That’s it. But I still forget to do it, write every day that is. Then I become angry with myself when I cannot write. As to how many times I will have to learn this lesson before I habituate it into my bones, well, you’re guess is as good as mine.

But it is a good reminder that today I may make a different choice. With different choices come different attitudes.

The balancing act of marketing and creativity is one I will probably never master. I’m either one or the other. Extremes tend to suit my personality. So perhaps I need to say that I will write everyday, in the same way I say I will work on marketing everyday. But what I like most about this moment, this moment of not being able to write, is that the gift of not being able to write reminds me what I deem important. It also reminds me I am human and that if I want to be marketer, business man and writer, I need to work on my focus, and leave the interwebz alone.

This is what life is about I think. There is no perfect. Just practice. So practice I shall, and for that, I have infinite gratitude.


Here is a fun little video I made about the first concert I attended. What was the first concert you attended?

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