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Gratitudes: Hugh McLeod

One of the facts of building and maintaining a website are the countless numbers of people who support me. As part of my website realignment, I intend to acknowledge these people publicly. Appreciation unshared is pointless, I think.

So my shout out for today is for Mr. Hugh McLeod. As I shared in this post, it is entirely Hugh’s doing that I have made a good run of it drawing cartoons. He is certainly the first online cartoonist I ever ran across. His cartoons’ through lines are about finding your own voice, I think.

In my book he is still the best and remains a source of inspiration both for his originality and the sheer volume of output. I wish him continued success and happiness. If you have time, visit his site. I guarantee that one of his cartoons will make you laugh out loud.

Up next Website Realignment: What the Heck are These Transgender Cartoons Doing in my Life, Part 2 Little Somethings: The Lost Kingdoms of Africa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp6P\_hBnF1s (With this entry I begin an occasional piece where I share a little something that I find fascinating
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