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How Can I Make Today the Best Day of My Life?

(Photo: Power Of Light by Nat Sakunworarat)

How can I make today the best day of my life is a question I’ve only recently begun asking myself. Every morning, over the last few days, I asked myself this question as I sip my nespresso coffee. The question helps focus my mind. Answering the question gets me out of the petty bullshit - all the what ifs, whys, who did what to me when - my mind generates.

What strikes me now is my answers usually focus on helping others or doing something really kind towards myself. The answers are not about how much money I can make or who I can screw over.

The answers also focus me in the present. How can I make today the best day of my life means living in the present moment, I think. Or at least I find myself in the present both when I answer the question and as I do the things I’ve committed to doing.

And while this won’t be a surprise to any of you, I’m sure, I’ve recently discovered the stress-free value of living in the present. As a transsexual, I’ve lived much of my life in the future. When I have the right body, the right documents, and so on. I don’t regret this particular coping strategy. Without it, I don’t know how I could have protected my heart from all the bullshit associated with changing genders.

But now, in my daily living, I want the body I have. I no longer need to live in an imagined future. That future is now. But I’ve found it difficult to break myself of the living-in-the-future habit. Until now.

How can I make today the best day of my life? By sharing with you, my readers, how grateful I am that you stop by and read this blog. So I say a very hearty thank you.

Now I ask you, how can you make today the best day of your life?

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