1. this is one of your best. it really drives deep to the heart of the matter on a few different levels. i don’t know anyone, besides you, me, and a few assorted other trans people, who would actually admit to such a controversial idea – so much so, that if someone were to actually say such a thing, they would be assumed insane, or worse. it goes beyond the hateful comments i see, which accuse us of being “confused”.

    for the vast majority of people, their gender is such a large part of who they feel themselves to be (for many trans people as well, though others would dispute their “feelings”) that to “forget” it, is unthinkable. this simple statement, really says so much.

    i know more than a few radical feminists who might take issue with it. they might argue that they could *never* forget their gender because of the world in which we live. and i’d agree, in the context of what we have to deal with in a day-to-day context. and i suppose that makes this piece all the more transgressive.

    keep up the great work!

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