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If It Weren’t For the Last Minute

If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done. I’ve lived my life by this motto for all of my life, actually. Even with Ms. H.’s steadfast organizational skill and mindset, I still struggle to get and stay organized.

Case in point: all of our business and home life lives on a macbook. Yesterday I spent several hours moving files around, purging stuff I/we didn’t need and then backing up the laptop. I felt so free and accomplished. So free and accomplished I wanted to continue today. I gathered up the laptop and the charger, put it in my backpack and off to work I went.

After getting settled at work, I wanted to get my laptop plugged in and begin the process of downloading files. I pulled out the charger, then went to pull out the laptop.

Except I didn’t have the laptop.

I had left the laptop at home, exactly where Ms. H. had left it last night. I had the charger, though. But still no laptop.

Here’s the thing. I know it is a good idea to plan for the next day’s adventures the night before. I know this like I know Social Security will not be there for me when I retire. Do I plan for the next day the night before?

No. Absolutely not. Even though I’ve diminished the amount of drama in my life to an imperceptible level, I still must have some. What better way to create false drama than running around in the morning gathering up everything I need for the day. In about two minutes. While Ms. H. waits patiently for me. Like she does every day.

So classy, I know! Last minute seems to be a way of life for me. I’m better than I was. Yet I can’t seem to let go of the 2-minutes-before-I-leave prep mode. It must thrill me at some level to save myself from myself every morning, five days a week.

I think I may make a vow to prepare the night before and notice what anxiety-filled thoughts I have while doing so. I suspect I wait until the last minute as a kind of childish defiance. Your not the boss of me! I’m the boss of me!

Right. Except somebody needs to be the boss of me to get my ass in gear the night before.

I will keep you posted.

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