But I’m Trans

A man says Don’tthey know I’m a trans man

Whether we like it or not privilege happens to trans men. We didn’t ask for it, but now that we have it, let’s use it to make our worlds better for all women and girls.

For ourselves. For our mothers and sisters and girlfriends and daughters. And our sons and fathers, too.


  1. I do appreciate how well-dressed your cartoon transman is. 🙂

    I wonder how many more women would cross the street for a guy in ragged jeans and dirty hair?

  2. I remember, years ago, a trans friend telling me how he never expected that women would cross the street once he was always read as male. He was really saddened by it.

  3. As a butch who sometimes (inadvertently) passes as male, I have learned a lot from how women react to me when they read me as a man. It reminds me of how much of the violence that women encounter is at the hands of men, and how the presence of even one man in a woman’s space can make many women feel less safe and less entitled to their own pleasure. It’s sad, but I think that when I am passing, i represent to many women who see me a form of power that may be used against them.

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