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Intentional Practice: Focus on the Growing Heap

This video by Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project has been on my mind a lot lately. Reading from Erasmus, she describes the link between happiness and doing tiny little actions - everyday - so that we can focus on the growing heap, whether it be money or a book or exercise.

Ms. H. says it another way, it’s just easier for me to go to the gym everyday. Then I don’t have to get caught up in deciding if today is a gym day or not.”

After watching this video and talking with Ms. H., I’ve committed to going to the gym everyday and working on Homofactus Press and this blog and my cartoon blog. Every day. Once I uttered the words to Ms. H., I am amazed at how quickly I’ve found the time to do all these things. I have to have intentionality about these efforts.

If I don’t make going to the gym everyday intentional, then I’m lost. I’ll find a million and one reasons to escape from my own responsibilities to myself. The practice of intentional practice is, well, practice!

I’m discovering focusing on the growing heap is much, much easier than debating single coins.∗

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