InTouch Magazine Is OutofTouch, and so Are We

InTouch magazine found Bruce Jenner’s gender presentation terrifying enough they had to photoshop lipstick and a scarf on his face. (I use the pronoun he because I have not read anything directly from him asking otherwise). People excoriated InTouch and defended Jenner’s right to come out when and how he wants to.

Fascinating to see how everyone, even Jenner’s supporters, assume Jenner will end up in the box marked woman.” At work here is the belief that changing genders is a journey with the destination being a person’s preferred gender, the final stop.

What if Jenner finds ecstatic happiness right now exactly as he is? What we will do then? Media pundits and more than a few people outside trans communities do not like people who are bigendered or nongendered or multigendered.

Just pick one! says InTouch. Oh he will, say his defenders, in his own time.

What will we do with ourselves if Bruce has already chosen?