Little Somethings: There Is No Age Limit for Riding

The Massif Central, whilst unknown to many, could be described as the heart and soul of France. Made up of nearly twenty départements including the Loire, Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme, the overall area comprises two regions, the Auvergne and the Limousin.

Significant Tour [de France] stages here have been fought and won such as the 14th stage of the 1975 Tour where Eddy Merckx lost out to the grimpeur Lucien Van Impe. The most recent of note is Richard Virenque’s victory in 2004 on stage 10 when he won to St. Flour on Bastille Day. via Rapha

At 1:04: 72-year-old cyclist. Very inspiring, for me at least, as I am less than two years away from 50.

At 1:11: There is no age limit for riding.