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Masculinity: What Does Self-Organizing Men Mean?

I am often asked what does the title of my book mean? Simply put, the title suggests we organize and re-organize our self-understanding as we move through our daily lives. We are conscious beings aware of both what we think about our circumstances at any given time. We are also conscious of what others think about us or how social norms might be functioning at any given time.

conscious masculinity. perhaps not

As a female-to-male transsexual, I have been given the gift of seeing gender as a collective set of opinions about the constellation of interactions within and between human biology, social roles, genetics and other things. I am conscious that masculinity, even conscious masculinity, is a social construction. I am aware, I am conscious, of this dynamic.

I choose to organize my sense of self within this consciousness. I am, therefore, self-organizing. I use my consciousness of myself and the world and the feedback I receive from the world and myself, to understand my masculinity.

This notion evolved in the book to: how do you question your masculinity? One need not be a female-to-male transsexual, or transgender, or even gender queer to engage in conscious masculinity. A person can be  a self-organizing man, if they say they are.

What is paramount to me as a writer, artist and human being is that I don’t let myself get away with anything. Not god nor science nor fate has made nor makes my masculinity. In collaboration with you, I make my masculinity. Through this path I have found liberation and collaboration with men, women, gender queers and other human beings committed to organizing our self-understanding in an evolutionary manner:

Something that once worked, may no longer work. So to the rubbish bin it goes, until it works again.

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