My first year in transition

a color photo of jay sennett first year of transition

My first year in transition. My jaw dropped when I found this photo as I hunted for another photo. So young. So much hair! I was about 32 or 33 when this photo was taken. But the hormones made me look much younger, I think.

I remember how eager I was to begin hormones. Even with all my gangly awkwardness, I felt like finally! I’m glad I found this photo. It reminds me of the importance of staying close to those initial feelings of “fuck, yeah! I am doing this female-to-male thing!” And how thrilled I felt, too. I think I must remember how thrilling the whole experience was. I was one of a handful of transsexuals in Chicago. We didn’t use terms like transgender or gender queer. So much has changed in the last 17 years, and that is a topic for another piece.

But I am grateful I can still recall being a beginner male transsexual.

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  1. That is much closer to how I remember you….I love your new photo, but I wonder sometimes if I would recognize you in an airport! You were a handsome man back then and are now!


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