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Back to life. Back to reality. I heard that song last night in my spinning class.

I have forgotten that these cartoons are part of my true life. I’ve received feedback recently that surprises me: People really dig my cartoons. I’m always surprised when I hear these comments, since I’ve only done the cartoons as a way to vent some frustrations with pigf–ker people in my life.

I’ve been working hard on Visible: A Femmethology, volume 1 and 2 book layout and working Maria, formerly of A Daily Dose of Queer, to design the covers. These are our biggest books to date. In terms of length, number of contributers, the physical size of the book itself. You name it. It’s just big(ger).

As part of an experiment to brand Homofactus Press, I’m including a cartoon at the back of each future publication.

Below I offer you two cartoons that are drafts. Success is hard work. So is creativity. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a maximum assclown.

Femme: The new F bomb

The editor felt this cartoon reiterated material already discussed in the book. She felt a reader would find the cartoon redundant. I agree.

A femme stiletto up George W. Bush’s ass

The editor liked the direction of this cartoon. Now I’m feeling my limited drawing skills. I’m attempting to draw a shoe from a different angle. My skills are at a point where the shoe is unrecognizable as a shoe, unless I tell you!

Back to the pen and paper.

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