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Our New Kitteh: Moxie

color photo of moxie love

About three weeks ago we brought home a new kitteh, Moxie. As you can see, she color coordinates well with the rug in my office. Moxie absolutely adores Ms. H. and prefers to spend most of her time with Ms. H.

This fact makes me very happy. Our previous cat Jack companioned with me for about eight years before I moved in with Ms. H. While he grew to like her, he always preferred me. Now Ms. H. experiences first hand having a devoted kitteh in her life. Moxie loves the laser dot game. She also loves waking us up at 4:30 a.m. to play. Moxie also likes to play tag with us, where she darts past us and taps one of our feet with her paw.

Moxie color coordinate our carpet

She also coordinates well with our living room carpet. This past Sunday she sat herself down on the red couch, a first. While she is a kitteh, we find that her personality differs quite a bit from Jack’s personality. Yesterday, for example, when I got home, she had been sleeping somewhere downstairs in the basement, the coldest part of the house. Jack never slept in the basement. He always wanted to be warm. We often found him underneath the covers of the bed. I like that Moxie has a different personality. That makes Jack special, still, and allows us to appreciate Moxie for who she is, too.

jay’s hand with many Moxie scratches

I hilariously attempted to cut Moxie’s nails recently. She wanted none of it and showed her displeasure by scratching up my hand. I think we will have to trim one paw a week or so. Otherwise my hands won’t last very long.

We have become besotted by Moxie, in case you have not noticed.

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