My Squishy Brain


Seriously! I realized yesterday that I believe I am stupider now on T than pre-T. (I realize that saying I’m stupider on T is sooooo un-PC. But who cares?!)

My thoughts muddle through molasses and lack all profundity. My visual acuity is much higher and so is my spatial sense.

What changes have other folks noticed on hormones? Folks on T ~ say something besides “more horny!”

Hormones Made Me Homophobic


True Story:

About six months after I had begun living as a man, I stopped by my local Bunn and Noodle. I searched for Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaw. Once I found it, I stared at it and didn’t touch it. Nothing too strange about not wanting to be thought of as a trannie in the Clinton nineties.

But then I caught some title – which I have since forgotten – that had to do with gays. I reached over for it, then stopped, my fingers less than an inch from the cover.

“But people will think I am a fag if I pick up this book.”


Becoming a White Dude


As I read through the comments here about trans-phobic feminism a thought process has finally crystallized for me.

A problem with trans-phobic feminism, as well some other forms of feminisms, centers around seeing my transition/masculinity as the primary site/reason of my newly found privilege.

But, in fact, my newly found privilege is as much about, if not more, about my race than my gender. By placing primary emphasis on gender as the source of privilege in FtMs, feminists – most of them white – reassert racism and white privilege.

Think about it.

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