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Jay Sennett
Curated Reading in Progressive Art & Culture • No. 1 Nov 11, 2018 Curated Reading How have you moved your art making forward this week?  Below are several things I think worth sharing about progressive art- and culture-making. Caveat Scriptor: Let the Writer Beware Nov 10, 2018 Scribblers Paradise Writing day after day after requires focus, discipline and physical exertion. The ease with which I can distract myself from these behaviors Scribbler’s Paradise Nov 9, 2018 Scribblers Paradise Here’s the thing: I am a published author and co-owner of a publishing company. I know about writing. I know rewriting. I know about rejection. I A Female to Male Transsexual Reflects on Gender and Biology Nov 8, 2018 Transgender Cartoons When the Trump Administration revealed their latest gambit to deny transgender and transsexual people our civil rights, I revisited the biological Transsexual Intel on Wearing a Bow Tie Nov 7, 2018 Transgender Cartoons Bowties caught my fancy about ten years ago. I took every opportunity to wear them. People complimented me on them. A few men told me how they Writing In and Out Images Nov 6, 2018 Scribblers Paradise I’m working on a novel and mostly working on understanding what the heck I’ve gotten myself into. Long a nonfiction author, I had believed the shift Next page