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Jay Sennett
International Practice: Large Cash Purchases and Final Choices Oct 27, 2011 Writing I know I think about money differently now. Ms. H. said to me this evening, “six months ago spending 295.00 on something would not have been a topic Radical Acceptance: My Fear of Hunger Oct 26, 2011 Writing Hunger frightens me. I don’t know, really, what I feel like hungry. I don’t know, really, whether I eat out of boredom or hunger. I don’t know, Gratitudes: Confessions of a Feminist Nutritionist Oct 25, 2011 Writing From the incomparable Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, trans-positive feminist, scholar and the web’s leading proponent of women and weightlifting at Gratitudes: A Glorious Fall Day Oct 24, 2011 Writing The lush blue sky, red and yellow - and still a hint of green - maple and oak leaves and one tree that has let everything go, resplendent. Why I Write Oct 22, 2011 Writing Excerpted from my daily writing: I don’t remember ever wanting to write until I began to transition into manhood. The need to explain myself to Radical Acceptance: My Work - Novel Writing Oct 21, 2011 Writing Today I added a new category to this website: novel writing. Last month I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to Next page