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Momentary Pause Mar 22, 2013 Status & Writing Today got away from me, working on the memoir. Tomorrow I will return to regular programming. Diary of a Wave Outside the Sea - Dunya Mikhail Mar 21, 2013 Link & Writing “Mazin bends his head to the table and cries. His niece in Baghdad has been kidnapped. She is twenty years old. Masked men surrounded her and pulled They Always Want the Writer to Work for Nothing (NSFW) Mar 20, 2013 Video & Writing Harlan Ellison’s most eloquent rant on why he demands payment from everyone. “They always want the writer to work for nothing. And the problem is What is Transgender, Exactly? Mar 19, 2013 Link & Writing I’m fascinated by the negative reaction to being required to use the gender neutral bathroom. Why? For some transgender people those bathrooms Time and Money Equals Why I Won’t Buy a $30,000 Car Mar 18, 2013 Writing As have many couples, I’m sure, Ms. H and I have professed to one another how we believe the other is the most important facet of our lives. And now Limits Limit Me Mar 17, 2013 Writing Limits limit me. This should not surprise me but it does. Two paths I have followed to this realization. Last week I installed Rescue Time on my Next page