Radical Acceptance: With the Power Out, A Pencil Is In

The power went out in our building this morning.

No email. No internet. No computers. No computing.

I remember a time when, without power, I could have continued working.  A pencil  and some paper work well powered by my human hand. Without that process in place this morning, I tried instead to focus on my breathing and marvel at how much face-to-face contact happened once the flip had been switched.



  1. Jay said “marvel at how much face-to-face contact happened once the flip had been switched.”

    That is the crux isn’t it. We are just oh so connected with our social networks galore but real, true breathing each other’s air not so much. When Ike happened here in Texas my neighborhood’s power was out for 14 days. I got to know my neighbors, spoke to them, played with their kids, hung out doing nothing but just being together. It was nice. Unfortunately when the power came back we all returned to our little e-islands.

  2. I sometimes panic at the thought that I might suffer some natural catastrophe – much like Ike, only in Michigan (thinks Snotorius B.I.G.)- that will require collaborative survival with my neighbors. “I’ll actually have to talk with them!!??!!”

    Funny, that. I simultaneously crave and loathe human contact.

    Thank you for commenting.

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