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An Improved and Unusual Transsexual Origin Metaphor

Graffiti in Graffiti Alley. Shot with an iPhone 6 by Jay Sennett

In Color: A Natural History of the Palette, Victoria Findley writes that color arises through oscillating electromagnetic waves - comprising us, our world and our universe - absorbing and rejecting various colors” to arrive at the color” we see.

Red,” for example, oscillates in such a way as to absorb blue and yellow and reject red.  Thus we see red.

Then I applied this phenomena to gender:

As a transsexual man, I oscillate in such a way as to absorb female, feminine and various other types of gender, and reject masculinity and/or male, which is why I/we see male.

Unscientific for sure.  But I think it makes a nifty alternative metaphor to the born-in-the-wrong body trope.

Transsexuality gives me the freedom to tell whatever story I want about why I am the way I am.  People may not believe me, but at least I get them thinking.

What other theories - wacky or humble - have you folks offered up?  How have you transformed your stories over the years?  Are you more serious or impish?

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